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“Eternally & Evermore” Republished Today

today re-issuing Eternally & Evermore. Phaze closed down last year (without telling its authors—but that’s a different story) and so the publishing rights for the books I had with reverted to me.

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Site Updates

It’s been a tough few months for me since my last post at the start of March. The end of March is, of course, the end of the financial year for a lot of companies in the UK—mine included—and thanks to the announcement that the Stamp Duty holiday was going to be extended didn’t come until very late on in the month, it was very, very busy in the housing market.

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To-Do-List Update

I thought it might be worthwhile just posting a little update with where I’m at with the various projects I’m working on.

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Still Generating Hits

Like most people who operate a website, I keep an eye on the stats—the number of visitors to the site, the pages they hit and where the traffic is coming from

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Phaze Books Closes

It’s the third week in May, and my last “weekly update” was
fourteen weeks ago. I did say my renewed commitment to a blog post at least
every week wouldn’t last, didn’t I? You should know better than to trust me on
these matters by now.

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Getting Closer

an Excerpt from “Eternally & Evermore” People have asked me before now about this book’s title. “It’s a bit soppy,” they say. “Where did you get it?” The answer is… long winded. But the best way to show you is with a couple of excerpts from the book, like this one: A new song began, […]