Are there any Premier League Clubs still wholly British owned?

I’ve imported some older blog posts of mine from other blogs into this one and going through them I came across this post from 2010 on the sale of Blackburn Rovers to the Indian chicken farmers, the Venkey’s Group.

2020/21 – The Season that Football will want to Forget

From the lack of crowds to the burned-out players leading to a higher than usual injury rate, to the utterly abysmal way in which VAR seems to be getting worse, not better and the over-saturation of coverage of TV… It’s just been a bit shit.

Fatherly Pride

It was with a very fatherly sense of pride that I watched my son’s football coach call him back for a “quick word” after he’d dismissed the rest of the team following their 7-1 victory this weekend.

Still part of the Team

Back in 2015, I wrote about the importance of Team Sports in the context of my Son joining an under-10s football team.
Three seasons later and he’s still playing for the same team.

The Importance of Team Sports

My son will be 10 at the end of December, and after several years of him asking to join a football team, I finally relented and found him a club for this season. (By football, I mean the game that is called “soccer” in some parts of the world—the one that’s actually played with one’s feet rather than one’s hands, hence the name. This is the first and last time you’ll hear me call it soccer)