2019 Blog

I’m Back!? Sort of. Maybe.

It’s been well over a year since my last post on this
website or on “The Grumpy Blog”. It’s been almost three years since my last
post on “From Across the Pond”.
It’s been just over six months since I posted anything on my
Facebook author page and about four months since I made a post on my Facebook
profile – and that was something banal about the Harry Potter films.

2017 Blog


It’s really quite daunting sitting down to write a blog post after having not posted one for such a long time. How does one start it? Do you apologise for your prolonged period of inactivity? And just what the hell do you write about anyway? It’s fair to say that I’m somewhat out of practice […]

2014 Grumpy

Feeling Grumpy about having nothing to feel Grumpy About

It’s odd, but I started this Grumpy Blog so I could bitch and moan about all the things that annoy me in life. And then what happens? I stop feeling Grumpy because life just sort of seems to be going well. Ain’t it always the way? So, I figure that the best thing to do […]

2014 Grumpy

The Grumpy Blog Is Here

Here it is. My new, super-duper, grumpy blog. This purpose of this blog is for me to vent. To moan. To Rant. To get things off my chest.