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New Covers for the Ladz Girls

The Ladz Local Lovelies series of four short stories are dear to my heart for the simple reason that they represent the first stories I ever had published when they were picked up by Ruthie’s Club.

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Two More Books Added to Kindle Unlimited

Two more of my books have been added to Kindle Unlimited, meaning if you have a KU subscription, you can read them at no extra cost! First up is the last of the four Ladz “Local Lovelies” short stories, Episode #65, Carla. This one features a feisty blonde estate agent who stripped off for the […]

2016 Blog Short Stories Westmouthshire

Ladz Local Lovelies Illustrations Showcased on

Back in the day, I wrote a series of short stories for (the sadly missed) Ruthie’s Club called the Ladz Local Lovelies series. The premise was based on the weekly lads mags that were popular at the time like Nuts and Zoo (both of which are now defunct) and their habit of getting hot young […]