A Few Days Away

I had a few days away with the family last week. It was a nice relaxing time as evidenced by my FitBit. Usually, on a workday, I’ll do somewhere between twelve and fifteen thousand steps. For the first two days of last week, I did less than five thousand on each day. Yep, I was […]

Monday Musings

I’m still trying to get back into the routine of blogging regularly—and of posting to my Facebook page regularly, for whatever that is worth with the piss poor way Facebook handles posts on Pages—but it takes some effort to get back into the swing of it properly. One of the issues is, “What do I […]


It’s really quite daunting sitting down to write a blog post after having not posted one for such a long time. How does one start it? Do you apologise for your prolonged period of inactivity? And just what the hell do you write about anyway? It’s fair to say that I’m somewhat out of practice […]


It’s been just about six months since my last post on this blog, over a year since my last post on the “From Across the Pond” blog and about five months since a post on “The Grumpy Blog”. All of which is unforgivable. I have tried to keep up a presence on Facebook and twitter […]

WIPs Update

I’ve set myself a target word count for both A Wounded Heart and The Truths We Live and I’m working towards having a first draft of both finished by the end of 2016. Currently, both books are just under 20% ‘finished’ – if you go by my target. Of course, I’ve never been very good […]

Ladz Local Lovelies Illustrations Showcased on ThinkNudeComics.com

Back in the day, I wrote a series of short stories for (the sadly missed) Ruthie’s Club called the Ladz Local Lovelies series. The premise was based on the weekly lads mags that were popular at the time like Nuts and Zoo (both of which are now defunct) and their habit of getting hot young […]

Excerpt from “Sun, Sea & Shagging”

Here’s a short excerpt from “Sun, Sea & Shagging”, written by me as Knobbie Knobbs and available on Amazon for 99c/99p or as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription. I was an early riser and quickly got into the habit of waking up before my mates and popping down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. On […]

A Fresh Start

I suppose that I should look on the bright side. Losing my ‘old’ website in the manner I did has given me an oppurtunity to freshen it up and to organise things. The previous site was missing some things and it had, frankly, become a bit of a pain to manage. The Lies We Lead […]

Back Up and Running

Well, that was a trial, but the website is back up and running. Kind of. As you can see, things are a bit threadbare right now. I’ve got no pages in relation to, well, anything really. I’m going to have to spend some time a few evenings this week and this weekend either trying to import […]

A Wounded Heart – Progress Made

So, I’ve picked up and re-started work on A Wounded Heart, the 3rd (and I hope final) book in the Paul Robertson series. So far, I’ve written Twelve and half thousand words. AGM was in the order of ninety-six thousand words and ATS was over one hundred and twenty-five thousand. So that means I’m possibly somewhere […]

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