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Do You Remember A Time Before Streaming?

Do you remember when “Netflix & Chill” became a common phrase in our language? Apparently, its first recorded use was only in 2009, about two years after Netflix started its Streaming service having begun life as a postal-based DVD rental company.

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Code 8: An interesting take on the Superpowers genre that falls a little flat

Code 8 is one of those movies that you’ve never really heard of until it pops up in your Netflix recommendations, so you give it a go.

2021 Blog TV/Movie Review

Jupiter’s Legacy: Super-Slow Superhero series that fails to save the day

Superhero movies & TV shows have been all the rage for well over a decade now. Jupiter’s Legacy, a Netflix original, is the latest offering in the genre. Having now been able to watch the series, here I offer up my thoughts on the show.

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Too Much Choice

Do you ever feel like you have too much choice? I do. In fact, every time I open a blank document to write a blog post I feel as if I have too much choice.