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A National Insurance Rise is the Worst Way to Pay for Social Care – Just Raise Income Tax instead

Social Care in the (Dis)United Kingdom is in crisis and has been for a very long time. It is criminally underfunded and many providers are inadequate to the point of negligence.
This is not a matter of opinion. Successive governments have admitted this for decades, but we are still waiting for a government, any government, to do something about it.

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Finding the Balance

I know I’ve been relatively quiet on twitter and Facebook these past few years but that’s primarily because I’ve been tweeting under my legal identity. Writing about the appalling state of politics in the world doesn’t feel appropriate on my author site or accounts, even though it’s something I did regularly in the past.

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Post Update

You’ll know if you’ve read this post that I’ve started a new blog under my legal name. I just wanted to note that on that blog I’ve written an updated version of my recent post about Prime Minister’s Questions #PMQs.

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#PMQs – Political Theatre that’s Out of Time

We would not tolerate the kind of behaviour we see in the House of Commons, and particularly at PMQs, at, say a school assembly or an academic debate, so why do we accept it from our elected officials?

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A New Journey, A New Blog

I’ve started another new blog but under my legal name this time. I’ve done this before, blogged under my own name, but in the past I wasn’t really sure why I was doing it.

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100 Days to Go #GE2015

Today represents 100 days until the UK General Election of 2015. Which means we still have three months of this sort of cringe-worthy political squirming as seen when Andrew Neil interviewed Natalie Bennett, leader of the Greens on his Sunday Politics show yesterday Actually, it’s worth watching even if you’re not interested in British Politics […]

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4 Months of This…

I saw this, frankly, brilliant meme on twitter yesterday. it pretty much sums up what the next four months are going to be like for us Brits. I feel really quite depressed about the following sentence. I’m not looking forward to this election campaign one little bit. This how I feel. I can’t help it […]

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A Sign of Things to Come – It’s going to be a Long 7 Months

Last week, The Labour Party released a secretly recorded tape of a Government Minister, Lord Freud, making ill-advised comments about disabled people and the minimum wage. Now, it’s clear this was a cynical attempt by Labour to make the minister and the Government look bad – part of Labour’s election strategy for next May is […]