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Do You Remember A Time Before Streaming?

Do you remember when “Netflix & Chill” became a common phrase in our language? Apparently, its first recorded use was only in 2009, about two years after Netflix started its Streaming service having begun life as a postal-based DVD rental company.

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Why I Feel Sorry for the “Spotify Generation”

Don’t get me wrong—I think Spotify and other music streaming services are great. The very idea that you can have pretty much every song ever recorded at the touch of a button on a supercomputer in your pocket, for the same price as a single album a month (more or less) is pretty damn amazing.

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Too Much Choice

Do you ever feel like you have too much choice? I do. In fact, every time I open a blank document to write a blog post I feel as if I have too much choice.

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Is the Album Dead?

Is the album as I knew it growing up, dead? Are fan curated “playlists” the new album? Do albums matter anymore?