To go alongside the new Patreon, I had no idea what Discord was until I set up the Patreon, but my son is 15 and uses it and seemed very surprised when I told him I had an account. He then refused to give me the link to the chat rooms he uses for some reason. I can’t think why

Patreon Plans

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Westmouthshire Universe Patreon Launched

So, why the Patreon? Think of it as motivation to get writing in a meaningful way. My intention is to release one chapter from the pieces I’m working on each weekend. Right now I have about twenty chapters I can release, so that should keep me going until 2022 and all I need to do then is stay ahead of this by writing one or two chapters a week. Not too much pressure, but hopefully enough motivation.

Lost & Found Re-issued

nal of my Phaze publications, Lost & Found, the publishing rights of which reverted back to me after Phaze closed

“Eternally & Evermore” Republished Today

today re-issuing Eternally & Evermore. Phaze closed down last year (without telling its authors—but that’s a different story) and so the publishing rights for the books I had with reverted to me.

Site Updates

It’s been a tough few months for me since my last post at the start of March. The end of March is, of course, the end of the financial year for a lot of companies in the UK—mine included—and thanks to the announcement that the Stamp Duty holiday was going to be extended didn’t come until very late on in the month, it was very, very busy in the housing market.

The Wait is Over

The Truths We Live—the very much long-awaited sequel to 2015’s The Lies We Lead—will hit Amazon Kindle devices on 4th April 2021.

Target Met!

I’m happy to say that I met my self-imposed target of completing the first full read-through of The Truths We Live by this weekend with ease. I actually completed the read-through on Thursday evening.

Fake Social Media in eBooks

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that my current goal to do a full read through/edit of the first draft of The Truths We Live. As part of this one thing I’m doing is adding fake tweets and text messages to the manuscript. These will carry through into the eBook and while it will make the eBook file larger to do this, I hope it will add to the experience of reading it.

Setting Goals

I don’t deadlines when it comes to my writing—I get enough of deadlines at work, I don’t need them in an activity that’s supposed to be a hobby.
But I am happy to set goals. Goals aren’t deadlines. Deadlines get you in to trouble if you miss them. Goals… Not so much.

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