The Best Laid Plans… And life gets in the way #kbar

Does it ever. See, I had this whole big promotion push planned out in my head in respect of Kissed by a Rose. By now, I should have posted the second cast member interview, done a whole hell of a lot more tweeting of ‘great lines from the book’ and treated you all to a few more excerpts on my website and this blog.

Then Life went and got in the way and as far as I’ve got in to half write the second interview. Still, I’m not overly worried. I’ve got the whole of next week to promote since the book doesn’t come out until 1st June. And who says it all has to be pre-release promotion anyway? Wouldn’t it be better to leave the serious promotion push until people can actually buy the thing?

So, for those of you we had been looking forward to reading Carrie Jones’ interview with Jacques Surmont – as she promised at the end of the last interview – it’ll be up either this weekend, or early next week.

Unless Life gets in the way again.

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