The Updated eBooks Keep on Coming

One of the good things about the Lockdown (or what we’ve called a lockdown, but never really was) has been I’d had the chance to updated and refresh some of my older publications as well as work (slowly) on some new pieces.

And I’m happy to report that two more updated and refreshed eBooks went live in the Kindle store in the past week.

Claire is a sweet erotic romance short written way back when I first started writing and is available as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Mark tells the story of how he first met and fell in love with Claire, how they got together and their first time making love.

Additionally, Sophie’s Tutor is another erotic romance written many years ago. It is also available as part of your Kindle Unlimited subs. James is a young teacher hired by her parents to help tutor Sophie though her Maths ‘A’ Level and win a place at University.

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