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Yeah, I know, great blog title there Marc. But there isn’t a general theme to today’s post, it’s just, you know, stuff.

I suppose I better start off with the goings on in China. As I write this, Britain is 3rd in the medals table at the Games. Third! Can you friggin’ believe it? I mean, were ahead of Russia (who are closing fast), Germany – even the Aussies! We’re beating the Aussies! I tell you what, it feels great to be a Brit right now – and if the guys and gals carry this through to four years time on London – well, how great is it going to feel then?

The best reaction of any medal winner had to be young Brynoy Shaw, who won a bronze medal in the windsurfing. Her interview on the BBC is on this page, but if you’re outside the UK, you might not be able to watch it (I couldn’t while I was in France).

And speaking of the BBC website, it was truly strange to see adverts on it while I was in France. It’s the BBC, they do adverts. Really odd.

We just stayed at Mrs Nobbs’ parents for out hols (no rent to pay, see) and then travelled around northern France. We went to the beach, which Nobby Jr really enjoyed – first time he’s ever splashed in the sea and run away from the advancing waves.

You can look at some of my photos of the things we got up to on my Flickr photo-stream. But one of my fave photos of the whole holiday is this one.


It shows me and Jr walking towards the pond in the public gardens in Bethune, France to feed the ducks (that’s bread in the bag in my left hand). The ducks weren’t interested (unlike the ones at home, who are always interested in being fed) and kept swimming away. I did tell Jr that the idea was to try and get the bread just in front of the ducks but he thought it was more fun to bounce it off their backs – maybe that’s why they kept swimming away.

I didn’t get a chance to do much writing while I was away – so I’m going to have to make up the time over the next few weeks. Chloe’s Education isn’t going to finish itself.

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