Tough Week

Well, it’s been quite a week for little ole me. The first week back at work after the Christmas break is always hard as there is so much catching up to do, but this past week has seemed to me to be particularly difficult. At one point this week, I sat down to reconcile the firm’s bank account at 9am. I printed the statement from the Internet banking facility for the two accounts we use, opened the reconciliation program in my accounting software, and then the phone rang and I was called away to solve someone else’s problem. And it was the same every single time I tried to do the rec. Either the phone would ring, or someone would come in to my office and me to go off and do something else. It was, as you can imagine, rather annoying.

Still, the next day was better, I didn’t get interrupted as much and I was able to finish everything I needed to have finished by quitting time on Friday.

Of course, all that means I wasn’t able to do any writing. At work I was busy, and at home I’ve been copying all my shit over from my old laptop (I ripped out the HD and put it in an external enclosure) to my new laptop. Now that job’s out of the way, I might be able to settle down tonight and do some much needed writing.

One thing I did manage to do this week, during my lunch hours no less, was produce a “Filmography” for Chloe from my next novel, Kissed by a Rose.  Here is it.

Film Title Year Age at time of Release
Neighbourhood (TV Soap) 1995-1999 6-10
Spy Squad (TV Series) 1998-2001 9-12
Centenary Close (TV Soap) 2001-2004 12-15
Until Midnight 2004 15
Don’t Say Goodbye 2004 15
To Eternity & Back 2005 16
High School Hell 2006 17
Charlotte’s Secret 2007 18
Reunion 2008 19
Sophie & Jack 2009 20


These are the films mentioned in the book, but I’d like to add a few more. I mean, she’s meant to be a huge star, right? So that calls for at least two films a year, maybe even three. Guess I need to think of a few more cool titles. Or, if anyone has any suggestions, then I’m listening.

Finally, I’ve upped a few photos to my Flickr account that I took over the holiday. Why not take a closer look.

Bethune Belfrey and ChurchA Street in BethuneTop of the Bethune BelfreyBethune Belfrey and Town HallA Street in BethuneA Street in Bethune


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