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You may or may not know that I have both a Tumblr blog and some Pintrest boards. Obviously, the two services are used for different things. Pintest, for example, allows you to have multiple ‘pin boards’ on different themes and people can follow just one of your boards or all of them. Tumblr on the other hand, can handle posts other than just pictures (although, in fairness, mine is mostly pictures).

Both let you follow what other people post and organise it into a timeline or dashboard, in the same way that twitter presents the tweets of people you follow. My Pintrest dashboard seems to feature an awful lot of pictures of food and makes me hungry. My Tumblr dashboard features mostly naked or semi-naked women (which also makes me hungry but in a different way)

Both allow other uses to ‘reblog’ or ‘repin’ things that you post.

Now, on my tumblr, I tend to reblog pictures of naked or semi-naked women that others have posted that I find particularly ‘inspiring’ (if you know what I mean). And I post myself pictures of naked or semi-naked women I’ve found from around the interwebs. Some posts pass by seemingly ignored, others become wildly popular and pick up ‘likes’ and ‘reblogs’ by the bucket-load.

Thing is, you never know which pictures will take off and become popular, and which ones won’t.

I logged today and found that this picture had gone made overnight. It had been reblogged by a popular Tumblr blog and took off from there.

Which I can understand because, let’s face it, she’s lovely. But compare that to my most popular post ever, which is this one.

Do you see any reason why two such different posts should both become popular? Me neither. Still, they’re both posting here, just because they are both so lovely.

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