When is a date not a date?

Cheesy ChipsI’ve written myself into an interesting position for the current chapter. Well, I say I’ve done it, what I should say is that my characters have driven to this point. It’s not exactly a dead end or a massive hole, but it is an interesting situation.

My lead, Paul, finds himself out on a date, which isn’t actually a date – or at least, he says it’s not a date, which is the same thing, more or less.

So, my question is, when is a date not a date? And what, exactly, does one do on a not-date? I had a not-date in book one, but that was very different. That not-date was about providing ‘cover’, and Paul and Lily were already friends so it was more like two friends spending an evening together. But this not-date I have to write now isn’t like that.

In this situation, the next girl on Paul’s ‘list’ (now there’s an interesting titbit about the nature of this second book in the series) turns up at his door and suggested they get to know each other a bit before… Well, let’s not give too much away, now shall we.

So, in essence, one character thinks this is a ‘proper’ date, while the other is adamant it’s not. One thinks it’s her chance to form a relationship, or at least a friendship with attractive potential benefits, while the other thinks it’s just a prelude to a booty call, and a booty call he’s not that bothered about in the first place.

I guess we’ll just have to see where the two of them take me. I do know that the first stop is a quiet pub for a shared bowl of cheesy chips. And you can’t say fairer than that in my opinion.

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