Where’s the Creative Urge gone?

Okay, so, I’ve written very, very little this week. I’ve tweaked a few words here, added bits there, but overall both my WIPs have not progressed very far. Last night, while I was waiting for the BBC’s Question Time to start for the live tweet fest, I had one of the pieces open on my screen, but found myself doing other stuff on twitter and other bits of the internet instead. And that really sums up how I’ve been this week.

Partly it’s because I’m in the midst of a pretty hectic time at work. It’s coming up to our financial year end, I’ve got all sorts of things to chase and a budget to prepare. On top of that, there seems to have been lots of ‘finicky’ jobs that have crept up this week. At one point I felt like Bob the Friggin Builder I was using my screwdrivers so much.

So I’ve had no time to sneak a few words into WIPs when at work and when I’ get home I’ve been too tired to be bothered. But actually, I think there is another, perhaps more significant reason.

Last week was not a good one for me emotionally, as I have documented in this blog previously. But despite, or perhaps because of, that I found I wrote a hell of a lot. I suspect that all the bad feelings I was going through were channelling into a creative spark or urge that got me writing. Perhaps writing was my way of dealing with me emotions.

If that’s the case, as a writer, I should really want more of those bad feelings so I can channel them and write more. But as a person, I don’t really want those bad feelings at all.

So, where does that leave me? Plodding along, I suppose. Writing what I can, when I can and having a creative push whenever I feel down. I guess that’s just how it is.

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