Why the Sudden Interest?

Kissed by a RoseI watch the stats on this website with some degree of interest. I like to know if my posting a blog entry brings people in, or if talking about a particular thing attracts more interest that something else. It’s also interesting to track what pages on the site people are looking at. And, much like in my post on popular Tumblr posts earlier this week, you never really know what triggers interest in some of the pages when you see a sudden spike in hits.

For example, I haven’t really talked about Kissed by a Rose, in a while, but this week has seen a sudden and dramatic spike in the number of hits that page is getting, and I have to wonder why. What is it that has caused the sudden interest in that book over all the others?

I guess I’ll never really know.

Website stats also show you what websearch terms have attached people to the site, and an interesting one this week has been a search for “novel excerpt sexy shower”, which directed someone to the “Morning Shower” excerpt from Eternally & Evermore. If you haven’t ever read that (or even if you have), it’s a hot little piece and is worth a read (or a re-read)


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