WIP Update – Slow week

Last week I basically had a week off – from work and from writing. I went across the water to visit the in-laws and so did very little writing even though I had my laptop with me.

I did manage to write almost a whole chapter on the ferry across the channel, but it took me four days to find the time to finish it off. I got back in Blighty on Thursday night to be greeted with a wall of the white stuff falling from the sky when I hit Northamptonshire. Back at work Friday I was obviously in catch up mode, but I did manage to get a half chapter written on Friday evening.

So, I’m now on chapter eighteen, over 30000 words. And I still know where I’m going and how to get there, so all’s good for now. What worries me is that this new piece was supposed to be book one of a trilogy, provisionally called the “Coming of Age” trilogy. Trouble is, the ‘bigger’ story seems to be getting, well, bigger. This might end up being the “Coming of Age” saga rather than trilogy. The other night I tried to rough out the plot of each book in my head and I got up to book five.

Maybe I should do a JKR and try for seven.

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