Working from Home

Despite the UK’s “lockdown” (which, let’s be honest, isn’t anything like what most countries have meant by “lockdown” I’ve still been hard at work. Not just on a couple of personal projects which include slowly bringing the eBooks I’ve published under different names back under my main author name, but also at my day job.

Since I have what you could describe as a clerical job—essentially I shuffle bits of paper around most of the time, even if those bits of paper represent large sums of money and real estate property—it’s been possible to do my job from home for the most part.

I’ve still had to go into the office a couple of time a week to do things that can’t be done from home—which is within the rules, don’t forget, well at least in the UK it is—but for the most part I’m now sat at my home office desk from 9 am until lunchtime and then again until “home time” (somewhere between 4 pm-5 pm).

I usually manage a small team—a credit controller and a cashier—but one has been put on the Government’s furlough scheme and the other is covering for someone else who’s been put on the furlough scheme. So for me, it’s been a hard slog these last few weeks.

I shouldn’t complain, and I’m not, I’m really not. Plenty of people are having a much harder time during lockdown than I am.

But we will get though this. Sadly, not all of us, but the vast majority will come out of this the other side and be able to mourn for those that don’t properly and appropriately.

My thoughts every day are with those who are fighting this horrible virus and with those who’ve lost someone close to them. I wish every one of you reading this and all those you know and love, the very best. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

I wish you well.

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