The Lies We Lead

A Middle-Aged former City of London high-flyer gets home one night to find the house dark and deserted and he decides it’s the perfect opportunity to preview the new adult movie that he’d planned to watch with his wife that weekend. But to his horror he finds the buxom beauty in high-definition on his screen is someone he knows very, very well.

And to make matters worse—the house wasn’t quite as deserted as he’d thought.

What follows leads him on a path he could never have envisioned. Into a world he could never have imagined. Film Sets, Auditions, Investments, and one huge revelation that will change things between him and his wife forever.

Bobby Jones’ life will never be the same again.

This Westmouthshire Novel is packed with Marc’s trademark British style and humour, tense drama and, as always, a cast list featuring one or two faces familiar to Westmouthshire fans while at the same time being the perfect introduction to this ever-growing erotic universe.

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