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From the start of September 2021, I’ll be posting new chapters from two novels I’m currently working on, each weekend. the only way to read them is by joining my Patreon.

Marc Nobbs is an enigma wrapped in a mystery shrouded in a cloak of ambiguity. Gentlemen Author, Bean Counter, Born & Bred Wulfrun, Husband, Dad. But not in that order.
  • General Update
    If all goes to plan, this is the schedule for postings on my Patreon site and on my website behind the Patreon wall.
  • The Cheek of it…
    A couple of weeks ago I got followed on Twitter by a book review site. And as often happens, when I followed them back, I got an almost immediate DM from their bot.
  • Charlotte's Secret Cover
  • The Slumber Party Cover
  • Scratched Cover
  • Banging my Teammates Cover
  • Public Performance Cover
  • Private Party Cover
  • Sun, Sea & Shagging Cover
  • Bus-Stop Cover
  • Would Twins do This cover
  • Claire Cover
  • Sophie's Tutor Cover
Marc’s Top books on Goodreads
A Good Man A Good Man (Tutelam Venit, #1)
reviews: 23
ratings: 38 (avg rating 4.32)

A Tortured Soul A Tortured Soul (Tutelam Venit, #2)
reviews: 12
ratings: 21 (avg rating 4.48)

The Big Four Ohhh! The Big Four Ohhh!
reviews: 6
ratings: 11 (avg rating 4.73)

The Lies We Lead The Lies We Lead
reviews: 5
ratings: 8 (avg rating 4.25)

Ladz 'Local Lovelies' #56: Laura Ladz ‘Local Lovelies’ #56: Laura
reviews: 2
ratings: 6 (avg rating 3.50)

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