A Tortured Soul

The Paul Robertson Saga
Marc Nobbs presents the epic journey that one young man makes to find his place in the world
Set in the fictional English seaside county of Westmouthshire and featuring characters from other Westmouthshire novels
A Tortured Soul

Paul Robertson’s epic “Coming of Age” story continues in this follow-up to the novel, A Good Man.

After almost a year of running from his grief on a road trip around The United States, Paul returns to Westmouthsire for a fresh start at university.

But he knows he can no longer run from his problems. He knows he has to turn and face them if he is ever to get on with his life. But that’s not as easy as it sounds.

New friends. An old enemy. And a voice that haunts his days and fills his dreams. Will Paul ever find a cure for his tortured soul?

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