Westmouthshire Universe Timeline

I’ve been asked a few times now where my various novels and short stories fit in with the wider timeline of the Westmouthshire Universe.

Sorry, It’s been a while…

I? Apologise for my absence. But what are you going to do? Sue me? It’s not like you’re paying for this shit. And not many people are, so… 🤷🏼‍♂️

General Update

If all goes to plan, this is the schedule for postings on my Patreon site and on my website behind the Patreon wall.

The Cheek of it…

A couple of weeks ago I got followed on Twitter by a book review site. And as often happens, when I followed them back, I got an almost immediate DM from their bot.

A National Insurance Rise is the Worst Way to Pay for Social Care – Just Raise Income Tax instead

Social Care in the (Dis)United Kingdom is in crisis and has been for a very long time. It is criminally underfunded and many providers are inadequate to the point of negligence.
This is not a matter of opinion. Successive governments have admitted this for decades, but we are still waiting for a government, any government, to do something about it.


To go alongside the new Patreon, I had no idea what Discord was until I set up the Patreon, but my son is 15 and uses it and seemed very surprised when I told him I had an account. He then refused to give me the link to the chat rooms he uses for some reason. I can’t think why

Patreon Plans

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Westmouthshire Universe Patreon Launched

So, why the Patreon? Think of it as motivation to get writing in a meaningful way. My intention is to release one chapter from the pieces I’m working on each weekend. Right now I have about twenty chapters I can release, so that should keep me going until 2022 and all I need to do then is stay ahead of this by writing one or two chapters a week. Not too much pressure, but hopefully enough motivation.

Movie Review – The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War was released on Amazon Prime Video as an Amazon Original at the start of July and I only sat down to watch it this past weekend. It was originally going to be released in cinemas by Paramount, but the pandemic led to Amazon snapping up the rights. There’s an interesting post there somewhere in looking at how the release of new movies has changed over the past couple of years and if it’s going to continue once we are finally out the other side of the horrible period in our civilisation.

Lost & Found Re-issued

nal of my Phaze publications, Lost & Found, the publishing rights of which reverted back to me after Phaze closed

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