PMQs – Political Theatre that’s Out of Time

Prime Minister’s Questions has long been the weekly showcase set-piece of the British Parliament. It’s the opportunity for MPs to put questions directly to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s opportunity to… well, to show off, I suppose.

Keep it Going

It’s that time of year—end of Feb, beginning of March—when my promise to myself and commitment to start blogging and writing again in the new year comes crashing down around my ears.

Learning the Hard Way

This past Saturday, my wife, my children and I took a trip to London for the day. In the afternoon we went to Madame Tussauds, which was very pleasant, but in the morning we attended the open day at Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill in Wembley Park

All of a (Shaving) Lather

Am I offended by the new Gillette advert? No. Does it really bother me all that much? No. So why write about it? Well, everyone else seems to have an opinion on it, so why not. I saw it on twitter last night, but if you have no idea what advert I mean, you can […]

Politically Homeless

I wrote this post over a year ago and a lot has changed since then. Me and my political thinking chief among them. Oh, I haven’t converted to the Church of Corbyn or anything like that, but I do think I’ve drifted much more towards “The Centre” than I’ve previously ever been. I think I […]

Left v Right

There was a conversation on the Radio this morning which, for me, perfectly illustrated the difference between left-wing and right-wing views of the world.


I have said this before but, I love the way that language can be used to manipulate the way people think about something. Take, for example, the way that people who have entered a country though means other than the official channels have been described before and after the recent U.S. Presidential election. Prior to […]

“The Finger’s on the Self-Destruct Button”

Found a very interesting article on Medium on music streaming services. Link below “The Finger’s on the Self-Destruct Button” @Innerviews

Amazon… A virtual marketplace, or Big Brother?

Is it any Wonder People Think the System is Broken.

This article in the Left leaning New Statesman rules out any cooperation between what are likely to be the two parties the largest number of MPs after the next election. But for me, the quote from it that sums up all that is wrong with the British political system is this… “If on May 8 […]

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