Opening Scene – The Truths We Live

This is the opening scene from The Truths We Live the sequel to the popular The Lies We Lead. Enjoy

Please note that The Truths We Live is an erotic novel and contains scenes of explicit sexual activity. And this is one of them. If that’s likely to offend you, try this site instead

The Truths We Live is available from Amazon. So is The Lies We Lead.

I stood at the side of my marital bed—naked save for the gold band on the third finger of my left hand—and gripped our petite young redheaded lodger’s hips hard enough to leave finger marks as I thrust my cock in and out of her saturated pussy from behind.

She was on her hands and knees on the bed and underneath her, lying on her back with her head between Amber’s legs, was my wife, Emma. She alternated licking the younger woman’s clit, my balls and my cock as I leisurely pumped it in and out of Amber’s tight, youthful vagina. Amber’s head was between Emma’s legs too and she was doing her level best to feast on my wife’s pussy—but I don’t think she was making a terribly good job of it.

I suppose she was somewhat distracted.

Our other lodger, the beautiful, raven-haired porn star Melanie Moore, stood at my side, equally naked as the rest of us, rubbing one hand up and down my spine and pressing her tits against me. She was quite clearly itching to get in on the action somehow. The hand not rubbing my back was furiously rubbing her own saturated pussy. I turned my head to kiss her and she returned it with intense passion.

I’d lost count of the number of times I’d been in situations like this over the last half a year. And although the fifth member of our household was missing from this particular tryst, Dom had certainly been involved in her fair share of them. I’d fucked each of my girls one-on-one countless times. I’d fucked them in pairs an awful lot too. And these foursomes were not exactly a rare event.

Some days I might be with Emma and Mel, sometimes it was Dom and Amber, or Dom and Mel. Or maybe I’d have some fun with Dom, Mel and Amber together.

In fact, the only combinations I hadn’t been involved in were ones that featured mother and daughter. Understandably, both Emma and Dom felt decidedly uneasy about it. Emma had flat out told me so and although Dom hadn’t, she didn’t need to—it was obvious to everyone.

Still, you can’t blame a man for having fantasies.

Funny thing, fantasies. This time last year, the very situation I was in now could only have existed in my fantasies, yet here I was, living a dream that most red-blooded heterosexual men would kill for.

And the dream was only just getting started.

It had been over six months since that fateful day when I’d come home to what looked like a deserted house and made a decision that changed everything. I sat down to watch a porn movie that a friend at work had given me. Only the video had turned out to feature my step-daughter getting fucked by three well-hung men.

And she’d caught me watching it.

To try and prevent me from telling her mother about her career choice, Dom had bribed me with her body. And then she blackmailed me with it. She’d introduced me to her best friend—and her mentor in the world of porn—and naturally, I’d given Mel a damn good seeing to as well, showing her that while I may not be a porn-star myself, I had a lifetime of experience that suggested I could be.

Then I was introduced to Amber moments before fucking her on camera as an “audition”, rescued her from an abusive boyfriend and gave her a home until she got back on her feet.

And in the biggest shock of a week of shocks, I found out that not only was my wife a retired porn-star herself but that she knew all about Dom’s involvement in the business and, now that I knew too, she wanted to make a comeback of her own.

She’d gone back to her teaching job after the half-term break that October and had spoken to her Headteacher to resign. Tonight’s—well, orgy, I suppose is the best way to describe it—was to celebrate her last day as a teacher. She had hoped that she’d have been able to only work a month’s notice, but the Head had pleaded with her to stay on until Easter because of the lack of quality replacements.

And now, just as spring was on its way, Emma Jones—a.k.a. Kitty Rodgers—was ready to make her comeback. Which meant I was also free to make my porn movie debut since she’d insisted that my debut had to be with her.

I broke off from kissing Mel and she bent forward slightly so that she could tease my nipple with her tongue. I glanced over to where Dom was leaning against the doorframe, naked as the rest of us, squeezing her sizable breast with one hand and lazily rubbing her clit with the other.

I motioned for her to join us with a nod of my head, but she bit her bottom lip and shook her head. I nodded towards the bed again, beckoning her to come to us, but she bit harder on her lip and shook her head once more.

At first, she’d not wanted to be anywhere near us when Emma was in on the action. But the last month or so she’d started watching from a ‘safe’ distance. I suppose that she reasoned that she needed to prepare herself for seeing her mother getting fucked on set. But Mel agreed with me that from a professional point of view if Dom and Emma could overcome their discomfort, it could be a goldmine.

When word got out that Kitty Rodgers and Dominique D’Ville were real-life mother and daughter, there’d be calls for them to make a movie together. And any movie they did make together was bound to be a huge hit. They didn’t need to have sex with each other—they could just take turns with the same guy (I’d already mentally applied for the job) and that would be enough to drive the fans into a frenzy.

But that was for the future. For now, both Dom and Emma kept to a safe distance when the other was performing.

I faced forward again, deciding to concentrate on drilling my cock into Amber’s ridiculously tight cunt. Of course, how tight it felt around my cock wasn’t helped by how thick my cock was.

I am of, shall we say, above-average girth.

I sped up my thrusts just a little and it seemed that was enough for the redhead. Although I suspect it had a whole lot to do with Emma’s—or should that be Kitty’s—tongue too.

Amber pushed back against me hard, lodging my dick as deep inside her as it would go, threw her head back and tensed up. I grabbed a handful of her fiery red locks and pulled her head back even further—which I’d learned from experience only intensified her orgasms. Amber liked it rough. And she liked to be dominated. By me.

I thrust into her once, twice, three more times, each one forceful and deliberate and she cried out each time I slammed back into her. I felt Emma’s tongue on my balls again and held still while she briefly sucked one of them into her mouth.

When she released it, I wrapped my hand up in Amber’s hair and pulled her head back even further, gripped her hip tightly with the other hand and started to jack-hammer her as hard and fast as I could. My only goal now was my climax. To fill her pussy full of my cum so that my wife could suck it out of her—a peculiar kink of hers.

And of her daughter’s as it happened.

Must be hereditary.

Amber panted and moaned and muttered expletives under her breath as I rammed my cock repeatedly in and out of her slick, wet pussy.

“Yeah, Dick,” Mel said, her voice dripping with undisguised lust as she used my chosen pornography pseudonym. “Fuck her. Fuck her hard just how she likes it. Fuck her with that fat dick, Dick.”

I felt Emma’s tongue flash across my balls again and that was all I needed. I rammed into Amber as far as I could one last time, pulling her head even further back with her hair so that I lifted her torso until she was practically upright. I put my head next to hers and grunted into her ear. Her arms came up to wrap around me and hold the back of my head as I fired a healthy dose of cum right up against her cervix.

Thank God all my girls were on The Pill because I’d filled all four of them up with so much cum of late that they would almost certainly all be up the duff by now if they weren’t.

My hips lurched forward as I fired each shot into her depths. One. Two. Three of them. The pleasure erupting from my cock and encompassing every fibre of my being—body, mind and soul.

I was forty-six years old. I’d worked in The City of London and enjoyed all the excesses of life on the trade floors—drugs, booze and women aplenty. But this, right here, right now, with these four beautiful women all to myself… This was The Life.

I’d never had it so good.

The only question was… How long could it last?

The Truths We Live is available from Amazon. So is The Lies We Lead.

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