The Contest

from The Lies We Lead

In this excerpt from “The Lies We Lead“, Bobby meets pornstar Melanie Moore for the first time.

This excerpt contains explicit content. You have been warned.

Melanie Moore was a petite yet curvy brunette with long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her facial features looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place them. Perhaps I’d seen one of her movies. She stood in the doorway, illuminated by the security light on the wall, with one hand on her hip and the other hanging loosely by her side.


I nodded.

“So you’re the cock that Dom called me about? Interesting.”

She wore a plain double-breasted beige mac, held tight against her with a belt tied at the waist. The mac came down to just past her knees, and below her legs were covered in black nylon—stockings I assumed rather than tights, given the reason Dom had called her. Tights wouldn’t have been very practical for the evenings planned activities. She also wore black high heels similar to Dom’s.

“Why interesting?”

She smiled. “When she said you were older, I didn’t think she meant older as in grandad older.”

“Grandad? I’m forty-six, not sixty-six.”

“You can be a grandad at forty-six. Hell, I’ve known men who were grandads at thirty-six. I just meant that I thought you’d be, you know, thirty or thirty-five or something. Not, you know, older.”

Despite her obvious insolence, there was something immediately likeable about this girl. I could see why Dom thought of her as a friend.

“Fine. Well, are you going to stand there all night or are you going to come in?”

She smiled sexily then strode past me towards the open door of the living room. I followed, and asked, “Can I get you something to drink? Tea? Coffee? Something stronger?”

Yes, yes, I realise now how stupid that must have seemed, but at the time… She was a guest in my house and guests in my house are always offered a drink on arrival.

But she ignored me, strode across the room to Dom and reached up to take the taller woman’s head in her hands and pull her down for a searing, passionate sapphic kiss. Dom towered over her friend and had to bend down quite a long way to kiss her. But bend down she did and kiss her she most definitely did. These two were more than just friends.

I watched nervously from the doorway. Why nervously? I’d been on this earth for forty-six years and while I’d enjoyed a few, shall we call them ‘interesting’ sexual adventures in my youth, particularly when I worked on the trading floors in the City of London, it had been a long time since I’d come this close to a threesome. A long time. And yet a threesome was very clearly what was on the cards. And I was worried I’d be ‘out of practice’.

I really wanted to talk to Mel. I wanted to sit her down, maybe at the kitchen table, and grill her about the real nature of the industry that my stepdaughter was now a part of.

But something told me that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

Something told me that any control I’d had of this situation, which if I’m honest wasn’t all that much to being with, had escaped out of the door when I opened it to let Mel in.

That kiss between the two porn stars seemed to me to last an inordinately long time. And all I could do was stand and stare. Eventually, sometime in the middle of the following week (or that’s what it felt like) they came up for air. Mel moved to stand next to Dom, who must have been a full foot taller than her, and put her arm around her waist.

“Well, Cupcake, he’s not what I pictured when you called me.”

“But in a good way, right?” Dom’s voice lacked the confidence it had had for whole of the morning. I guess that her friend’s opinion must have been important to her.

“Oh, yes. In a good way. He’s older than I thought he would be, but he’s still got his own hair. Looks like he’s got a powerful chest and strong arms too, although I’d need to get him naked to really tell.” She cocked her head to the side, fixed me with a stare and raised an eyebrow.

“All in good time,” I said, my ego somewhat boosted by her words and my confidence returning—which I’m sure was her intent. “We have all night, don’t we? Now, how about that drink? I have a bottle of Scotch I’ve been looking for an excuse to open.”

Mel smiled. “Sounds good.” She looked up at Dom, “You like Scotch, right, Cupcake?”

Dom glanced at me then looked back at Mel and said, “I… I’ve never tried it.”

“Really?” said Mel. “Well, now’s as good a time as any. Go crack it open, Big Boy.”

I grinned. I could see what was going on here. Mel thought she was in charge and Dom had already submitted to her confidence and authority. I began to wonder just how much influence Mel had over my stepdaughter. Began to wonder if she was the one really responsible for Dom’s entry into porn.

But this was my house. Which meant this was my party. I grinned, putting all the confidence of a lifetime’s experience of dealing with people into it as I could. I had at least twenty years on Mel. And I knew how to handle someone who thought they were in charge—I’d been doing that the whole of my professional life.

She wasn’t in charge. I was. And I’d show her that soon enough. But for now… I was happy to let her think this was her gig for as long as it suited me.

I collected the bottle from the liquor cabinet in the dining room, along with three glasses, and retrieved a bottle of mineral water from the kitchen.

“Water?” said Mel when I went back into the lounge, set everything on the coffee table and poured just enough water into each glass to cover the bottom. “You’re going to dilute it? I thought you were man?”

I looked up with a knowing smile. “You’re young. I’ll forgive your ignorance.” I poured a double dram into each glass with a well practised hand, then picked two up and held them out to the girls. They both eyed them suspiciously, Dom because this would be her first drink of the nectar of the Gods, and Mel because she’d clearly never been taught how to drink Scotch properly, but they took the glasses from me anyway.

I picked up my glass, held it up to the both of them and said, “Here’s to a fun evening.”

“You betcha,” said Mel.

She raised the glass to her lips and made to swallow the golden liquid, but I held up my free hand and said, “Whoa there, Speedy. Slow down.”

She looked at me quizzically, the glass still to her lips.

“This isn’t some cheap supermarket moonshine you chug by the gallon. This is fifteen year old Dalwhinnie Single Malt. It’s fifty quid a bottle.”

Dom’s eyes went wide at this small revelation. Mel looked interested, but didn’t move the glass from her lips.

“You need to treat it like you would a lover,” I said. “Show it some respect. Take the time to savour it, to enjoy its scent, to indulge in its myriad of flavours, to experience all it has to offer.” This little speech was aimed squarely at Mel. I lifted my glass to the light. “First, appreciate the way it looks. Every Scotch is unique, a million different shades of gold, from pale to dark.” I brought the glass back down level with my head. “Next… take in the smell. Swirl it in the glass to release all those subtle aromas. That’s why the glass is this shape, fat at the bottom and narrower at the top—it traps the scent. Get your nose in there and breathe.”

Both girls had watched me closely and now they followed my example and got a good noseful of this truly magnificent spirit. “Close your eyes,” I said. “Let the aroma be all you experience.”

I didn’t close my eyes, but watched as the girls closed theirs and took another sniff.

“But that’s just foreplay,” I said. “Now for the climax.” They opened their eyes to look at me. I raised the glass to my lips and said, “A small mouthful, that’s all you need. Don’t swallow yet. Just hold it in your mouth, let the flavours wash over you.” I did as I’d directed and the girls followed suit.

As expected, Dom struggled with the ‘burn’. Perhaps I should have put a touch more water in her glass. But Mel’s eyes went wide. A million emotions passed over her features as she experienced Scotland’s finest in all its true glory for the first time.

I swallowed and Mel did the same.

“Wow,” she said. “That’s good stuff.”

“You have no idea,” I said. “It’s the water. Yes, it reduces the burn slightly, but it’s real function is to bring out all the flavours.”

“I thought you drank whisky with ice,” said Dom.

I smirked. “No. Not if you want to taste it. Ice freezes the flavours, rather than sets them free.”

I took another mouthful, but simply swallowed rather than hold it in my mouth. Then I put the glass back on the coffee table and took a step towards Mel. She quickly swallowed another mouthful, gasping as the burn hit her throat.

I stepped slowly towards her as I spoke. Dom had the good sense to step to the side. I think she recognised the power-play going on between Mel and I. “Drinking whisky is a lot like having sex,” I said. “Both can be transcendent, life-changing experiences. When done right.” Another step forward—I was standing right in front of her now. “And while you youngsters think you know how it’s done, it takes someone with maturity and sophistication to really show you how to get the most out of it.”

I leaned in to capture her lips with mine and kissed her with a lifetime’s worth of skill. When I finished and pulled away, her eyes stayed closed and her mouth open. She brought a hand up to her mouth and touched her lips with a finger. Then sighed.

I looked across at Dom and smiled. She smiled back, knowingly, and nodded.

“Now,” I said, as Mel finally opened her eyes. “There must be a reason you’re still wearing this mac and all I can think of is that you wanted to do a grand unveiling or something. Which must mean that whatever you’re hiding must be worth seeing.”

I reached out to take hold of the belt that held the mac closed, slowly undid the knot and let the two halves of the belt fall loosely to the sides. Then, just as slowly, I prised open the coat to reveal what hid beneath.

I wasn’t disappointed.

She wore a black basque with red accents that pushed up her breasts into a stunning cleavage. The matching knickers were see-through, clearly showing she kept the garden neatly trimmed rather than completely shaven, and were about as skimpy as it was possible for them to be. And, of course, there were black stockings held up by suspenders hanging from the basque.

“Nice outfit,” I said, quietly. “Very nice. Where did you get it?”

She smirked. “Charlotte’s Secret. Where else do you get decent knickers in this town?”

I nodded. I knew Charlotte’s Secret very well. The owner was one of my investment clients and I sometimes referred my other clients to her accountant boyfriend. And Mel was right, they were just about the only place in Westmouth that sold high quality lingerie. I looked across to Dom. “Do you have an outfit like this hiding upstairs somewhere?”

She bit her bottom lip, looked at the floor and shook her head ever so slightly.

“Shame. Perhaps we should go on a shopping trip. You’d look great in something like this,” I said before turning my attention back to Mel. I leaned in close and pushed the rain coat off her shoulders. She naturally let her arms swing backwards as the coat fell to the floor behind her.

I ran my hands down from her shoulders, tracing her body’s shape. She was a contrast to Dom in almost every way. Brunette rather than blonde, much shorter and with feminine curves in proportion to her height. And just like my stepdaughter, this woman simply oozed sex from every pore.

With my hands on her hips, I pulled her towards me until her body rubbed against mine. My mouth was next to her ear, and in a low voice, so that Dom couldn’t hear, I growled, “You may well be an actress, Miss porn star, but you won’t have to do any acting tonight. Remember my name, because you’ll be screaming it at the top of your voice when I make you come.” I kissed her ear, then blew gently across the spot I’d kissed, which resulted in a shiver from her. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

I pulled back and looked her in the eye. I’m sure even Dom, on the other side of the room, could feel the electricity crackling between us. Mel reminded me of a girl I knew at university a long time ago. A girl I knew very well, if you know what I mean. She was a feisty little package of sex-appeal with an attitude that probably got her into as much trouble as it got her out of. A sly little grin spread across her ruby red lips. The confidence she’d walked in here with, the confidence I’d momentarily disarmed her of, was coming back.

“That’s a bold statement Mister Maturity and Sophistication. But I don’t see how you can live up to it. I’ve been fucked by the best in the business.”

“What statement?” Dom said.

I held up a hand to silence her without looking her way. My eyes were firmly on Mel’s.

“Best in the business? Ha! You can’t mean those jacked-up gym-rats thrusting mindlessly into whichever hole the director tells them to stick their dick in. Those are the best in the business? The guys pumped so full of steroids that there’s more of that shit in their bodies than there is cum in their balls.”

She bristled and straightened her back. “But they can fuck. They’ve got big dicks and they know how to use them. Ain’t that right, Cupcake?”

Dom looked a little shocked at being drawn into this. I don’t think the evening was going quite how she’d expected so far. I think she’d assumed we’d all be naked and I’d be thrusting mindlessly into one hole or another by now.

After last night and this morning, she should have known better.

I shook my head slowly. “I meant what I said earlier.” My voice was low and full of quiet confidence. “You kids think you know everyth—”

“Hey,” said Mel, “I’m twenty-four. I’m no kid!”

“And I’m near enough twice your age,” I replied. “So to me, you’re still a kid.”

She gave me a hard stare but said nothing.

“But like I was saying, you kids think you know everything. I know I did at your age. What was I doing back then?” I chuckled. “I was on the trading floor at Mason & Raine. My first proper job. By the time I was twenty-three I’d been there over a year and I was good at the job. It was the early nineties, we’d just come out of a recession and things were on the up. I was taking risks and making money hand-over-fist. Oh, sure, I lost a bunch of money too, but of all those gambles I took every day—calculated gambles—more of them came off than not. And when I made money for the firm’s clients, I made money for the firm and made money for me.”

“So you were rich?” Mel asked.

“I never knew that,” said Dom.

I glanced across at my stepdaughter. “There’s a lot of things about me you don’t know, Pumpkin.” I turned my attention back to Mel. “Comparatively. Compared to my old school friends, yes, I was rich. Compared to some my colleagues?” I shook my head. “Not nearly half as rich as them.”

I turned and walked back to the coffee table to pour myself another Scotch. I sipped it slowly and looked out of the French doors at the garden beyond bathed in moonlight. Neither of the girls spoke. Seconds passed. The girls waited.

I lifted the glass to my lips and took another small sip. “Pumpkin? Perhaps you should close the curtains now. We wouldn’t want the neighbours behind to see now would we.” The neighbours wouldn’t see a damn thing whether the curtains were opened or closed. But that wasn’t the point.

Dom hurried to the pull the thick, full length curtains across the expanse of the glass, then rushed back to her spot in front of the fireplace, just off to Mel’s right.

“I was young and I had money. And because I had money, I had women. Lots and lots of women. I gave little thought to the risks I took. Professionally or personally. I guess I was lucky. The amount I fucked around in those days… A friend of mine contracted HIV. That put the wind right up me when I heard. But I was young and arrogant enough to think it would never happen to me. Like I said, I guess I was lucky.”

I turned around to face Mel again. “Even after I got married the first time, I still fucked around. Oh, don’t look shocked, she fucked around just as much as I did. Hell, sometimes we fucked around together. But as I got older, I got wiser. She didn’t. Little bitch couldn’t keep her knickers on even after we agreed we finally needed to start being faithful to each other sometime in our thirties. That was around the time I left Mason & Ranie and joined the bank. About the time I realised that you could make just as much—no, more money—without taking the kind of dangerous risks with other people’s money that I had been.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Mel asked.

“Because…” I paused. “Just like you can compare good Scotch with good sex, so you can compare the way you make money with how you have sex. When you’re young and full of cum, all you care about is making as much money as possible and it doesn’t matter how you make the money. It also doesn’t matter how you have sex, just how much you have.

“But over the years, you learn that it really does matter how you do things. Quality, not quantity. I’ve made more money making fewer but better investments, and I’ve gotten more pleasure from better sex too than from mindless thrusting into as many wet cunts as I could find.” I took a sip from my glass. “Just like Scotch. Quality. Not Quantity.”

I put the half full glass on the table, then walked over to Dom. She smirked at as I approached.

“I don’t know,” she said, amusement after voice, “It was certainly about quantity last night and this morning.”

I laughed. Loud. “You telling me you were disappointed with the quality? Pretty sure that’s not what you said last night.”


“And besides, twenty-odd years ago, I’d have probably fucked you a dozen times more than I have today. That is what I mean by quantity. Now—” I reached out to the belt holding her robe closed. “—let’s see what’s under here shall we?”

I was being facetious, we all knew she was naked underneath. I pulled the robe apart, exposing her pussy, belly and boobs, and let it hang open. I ran my hands up her sides, tickling her just a little. Teasing her. She breathed in deeply when I moved my hands over her tits, just brushing her nipples, before trailing them back down her torso, over her belly, towards her cunt.

Leaving one hand on her hip, I moved the other over her mound and rubbed gently, again just teasing her.

I looked across to Mel, who was watching us intently. “Sit,” I said, nodding to my favourite armchair.

She looked at me and her eyes widened at the command, but she didn’t move.

“Sit down,” I said, adding more authority to my voice. The authority of many years as a manager who expected his instructions to be followed to the letter.

Slowly, she walked towards the chair, her movement in stark contrast to the way Dom had responded when I’d ordered her to close the curtains.

She sat on the edge of the chair, and put her hands in her lap. She looked less than comfortable. I suspect Dom wasn’t the only one who thought things weren’t going to plan.

“Now lie back,” I said. After a pause, she did.

“Spread your legs.”


Dom moaned. I’d been rubbing her mound throughout the exchange with Mel and it was starting to have the desired effect. I glanced at her. Her eyes were closed and she was starting to move her hips against my hand.

“I said. Spread. Your. Legs.” She didn’t react. “Do it. Now. Then slip a hand into those sexy panties and play with yourself.”


“You heard. What? Are you trying to tell me you’ve never masturbated in front of someone before? Never done a solo scene?”

“That’s differ—”

“I’m getting tired of repeating myself,” I said. “Now do it. Want some incentive? If you come before I make this Sweet Little Pumpkin here come, then I’ll fuck you first. If not… Well, I guess you’ll have to sit and watch for a while.”

Even before I’d finished speaking, her hand was in her panties and moving rapidly. I smiled and turned my attention to Dom. Mel was sure to let me know when she reached the target I’d set for her.

I bent my knees so that I could take one of Dom’s nipples into my mouth. I sucked it hard and nipped at it, making her flinch. Meantime, I adjusted my other hand from rubbing her whole mound to rubbing a finger along the length of her slit.

So often in the past, when I’d first touched a woman’s inner lips, they’d been closed—or near as damn it—but a morning spent fucking at every opportunity, and the sheer charged eroticism of the evening since Mel’s arrival, had Dom’s lips gaping open. My finger was soaked in no time, and on a whim, I straightened up, replaced one hand with the other, so as to keep her moving in the right direction, and bought the wet finger up to her mouth.

While she sucked her own cream off my finger, I rubbed her now hard, exposed clit with my other hand and she started to buck her hips against me.

I glanced across at Mel. She was pawing at one of her breasts with one hand while the other moved feverishly in her knickers. Her eyes were mere slits, but I could tell they were focused on what I was doing to her friend. Her breathing was laboured and her chest heaved with the effort of filling her lungs with the oxygen she needed as she crept ever closer to the precipice of climax.

I wanted to fuck Mel. Of course I did. But I also wanted to make her wait for it. To make her work for it. Making her watch me fuck Dom first would only make it all the better when I finally got around to sticking my dick in her.

So I turned my attention back to my sexy stepdaughter. I moved my right hand back down to her cunt and slipped my left hand around to rest on the small of her back. This allowed me to effectively ‘hold her steady’ while I slipped my index finger inside her and rubbed her prominent clit with my thumb. She moaned once more and she moaned yet again when I resumed sucking on her nipple.

I knew I needed to really get to work if I was going to get Dom off before Mel. From the sounds behind me, she was getting terribly close. So one finger became two, and gentle stroking became a vigorous finger-fuck. I rammed my fingers into her, banging my thumb against her clit on each ‘in’ stroke. I sucked her nipple harder. Bit it gently, then sucked again. I slipped my hand on her back down the crack of her arse and tapped her rosebud with a finger.

Her hips were moving again, pushing back against my fingers. Her breathing was shallow and fast. She moaned and panted and moaned and gasped.

I rammed a third finger into her pussy, stretching her out a bit more—my fingers were thicker than most, just like my dick.

Having lost count of the number of times I’d seen her come since she first stepped into the shower with me last night, I could now tell just how close she was. And I knew just what was needed to push her over the edge.

I picked up the pace a little more, fucking her with the full length of my fingers, and pushed harder against her arsehole. As my finger pushed into her anus up to the knuckle, I bit down hard on her tit, held my fingers in her cunt at full depth and pressed hard on her clit.

And just before her knees buckled and her body shook, Mel screamed out from behind us, “Oh, fuck, yes!”

She’d won.