A post about writing – how unusual

Yep, after a few posts about the state of the country/world and my spouting off in general – I’m going to do a post about writing today. Just for a change.

I’m so tantalisingly close to finishing a first draft of Chloe’s Education that it’s starting to annoy me. Why? Because I can’t seem to find the time to actually get the words out of my head and onto the screen. I’m writing a pitiful average of a paragraph a day or less. It’s really not satisfactory.

I can’t find the time to write when I’m at work (I started this post at nine this morning and it’s now after three) because I’m spending a lot of time right now firefighting – you know, solving everyone else’s urgent problems. It’s been all computers, faxes and photocopiers today. I wonder what it will be tomorrow?

At home I’ve got the same old problem – a two-year-old who thinks tapping the keyboard randomly when I try to write is amusing. I know he’s just after my attention, and I’m not ashamed to say that I generally give in and play with him instead of writing. Then  there’s a another issue. Computer games. I’ve re-discovered Civilisation, which was a relationship killer when I was younger and could be again now. Oh, damn you Sid Miser or what-ever your name is. But I tell you what – I’ll wipe those Greeks and Mongols of my continent before the end of the 20th century – you mark my words, World domination awaits.

I’ve also started work on a new short for Ruthie’s Club. I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help myself. It might just become another unfinished piece sitting on my hard drive – but I hope not. I must have around twenty stories I’ve stared and never finished. A bit annoying really.

What little I have managed to do on Chloe feels superficial. I’ve changed one character’s surname and another characters forename, and I’ve got Adam from the limo outside Chloe’s house, to inside waiting for her to finish getting ready. Why do they need a limo? You’ll have to read the book when it’s finished to find out.

Anyway, I’ve got to wrap this up now – lots to do in the office.

See ya.

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