Cummings can drop as many bombs as he likes on Wednesday – But the people that need to listen, won’t care

First off, let’s be clear about this, Dominic Cummings isn’t the Good Guy here. He’s not on the side of the angels. He’s, I’m afraid, not on your side. Just because he’s likely to start throwing hand grenades at the Worst Prime Minister in History(TM) doesn’t make up for the fact that this is the guy who travelled to Barnard Castle despite national lockdown rules in order to test his eyesight to see if it was up to driving the length of the country (also during the national lockdown).

Nor does the prospect of Cummings dishing the dirt and potentially bringing down this awful, awful government down negate the fact that he is the man responsible for the vast sums of money spent on targeted Facebook advertising the day before the Brexit referendum which, arguably, swung the result.

In short, I don’t trust Dominic Cummings any more (or less) than I trust the Prime Minister.

But Wednesday is going to be fascinating for those that follow the up & downs of this government. And his face is going to be all over the news bulletins on Wednesday evening/night. And there will be some sense of schadenfreude watching one of the most prominent & important members of the Vote Leave Cabal tearing into one of the others.

But ultimately it isn’t going to matter. It won’t matter because the people who most need to hear what Cummings has to say, won’t listen, and won’t care. Cummings could present reams and reams of documented evidence, he could produce voice recordings of whole meetings, and it won’t matter. We are, I’m afraid, living in a country where government representatives can be presented with a video of them saying the thing they deny saying and they will simply say, “It was taken out of context” or still flat out deny having said it, and their cheerleaders in the media and supporters in the general public will believe them.

We’re living in a strange time, where the country has been lied to for over 5 years now. It’s been conned by some of the biggest conmen of all time, but the vast majority of those who believed he lies and bought the con are still not yet willing to admit they’ve been had. And until they are willing to admit it (to themselves first before they admit it to the rest of us) we, as a country, have zero chance of moving forward.

Whatever Cummings says on Wednesday, whatever evidence he presents, it won’t matter to those that still think Alexander Johnson is the Best Prime Minister of All Time(TM). They will be told by the media not to believe Cummings and that he isn’t trustworthy—even though 12 months ago when he was filling us in on his eye test road trip, the same people were telling you he was completely trustworthy.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but it is where we are, and I can’t see how this is going to change any time soon. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect that come Monday, we’ll all be talking about something else.


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