Breakfast for the Beast

from “A Good Man”

This is a sexy excerpt from A Good Man. Please remember that this is an adult book with adult scenes and this is one of those scenes. So if you’re offended by bodily parts and what people do with them, please click somewhere else.

For the second morning in a row, I was woken by the feel of my cock sliding slowly in and out of Clarissa’s soft, warm mouth. But unlike the previous morning, Clarissa wasn’t so intent on torturing me. Instead, as soon as she realised I was awake, she sucked me harder and faster until I unloaded down her throat. Then she crawled up my body until she was straddling my face, and held on to the headboard while I returned the favour.

After cuddling in the afterglow for ten minutes for so, Clarissa put on a short nightie from her drawer and the robe I’d bought her from Charlotte’s Secret on top of it.

“I want to save the rest of the outfit for special occasions,” she said as she put it away.

“Such as?”

“Such as when my boyfriend stays over. So I plan to get a lot of wear out of it.”

“Maybe not,” I said. Her face fell but picked up again when I finished. “Because hopefully when I’m staying over and you put that on, it won’t stay on for very long.”

“Oh, I like the sound of that.” She sauntered over and gave me a long, deep kiss. “Now, put on those peejays and robe I bought so that we can go down for breakfast.”

“Yes, boss.”

“Too right, and don’t you forget it,” she said with a playful giggle.

Christine was already up and dressed when we entered the massive kitchen-diner. She was leaning against the breakfast counter sipping a cup of coffee and as usual she looked stunning. I have to say, that even though she was old enough to be my mother, I could easily have fancied her—if I wasn’t already in love with her daughter, of course.

“Morning you two,” she said with a smirk. “Sleep well?” Now I knew where Clarissa got that glint in her eyes from when she was in a playful mood.

“Actually, mother, I did,” said Clarissa, just as playfully. “I don’t know if it’s the orgasms that help me sleep or just being wrapped up in my man’s strong arms.”

It’s a good job I wasn’t eating because I’d have chocked on it. But if Clarissa was attempting to embarrass her mother the way she had done to her the previous night, it didn’t work.

“Oh, it’s probably a little bit of both.” She downed the last of her coffee and put the cup down. “I’m sorry, I’d offer to make you both breakfast, but I’m meeting some of the girls for brunch at the club. And besides, I’d guess you’ve both eaten already this morning, right?”


“If you can’t take it sweetheart, you really shouldn’t dish it out.” She walked over to kiss Clarissa on both cheeks, then came to me to kiss mine. Before pulling away, she whispered in my ear, “I’d have a big, hearty breakfast if I were you. If she’s anything like me at her age, you’ll need it.” She pulled back to look in my eyes and raised an eyebrow. Then she waltzed away. As she reached the front door she called, “I’ll be back around one-ish, I’d guess. If you go out, don’t forget to set the alarm and text me to say where you’ve gone and when you’ll be back.”

The door clicked back into the frame behind her and as soon as it did, Clarissa walked towards the corner of the kitchen, where the toaster sat on the worktop between the gas hob on one side and the sink on the other, coming away from the corner at right angles.

“What do you want for breakfast then? Eggs? Bacon? Or…” She leapt up and spun around to sit on the worktop, facing me with her legs open so that one foot was in front of the sink and the other in front of the hob. She lifted up her nightie so her delightful pussy was on display and said, “…something else?”

Mesmerised by the sight before me, I mindlessly stepped forward. My eyes were drawn to her plump, glistening pussy, still moist from our earlier activities, and yet I didn’t want to look away from her achingly pretty face, which its expression of serene contentment mixed with lust.

But before I could reach my destination, she hopped down from the worktop and said with a grin, “Full English it is, then.”

I felt the animal inside me rise again. The feral beast driven by pure lust had been woken and now was not to be denied its prize. I put my arm out to stop her as she tried to walk past, trapping her and backing her back into the corner. We were both barefoot, and the height difference between us meant she had to tilt her head up slightly to look at me. Maybe I expected to see fear, but I didn’t. I saw lust. As much lust as I felt.

“One of these days,” I growled, “Your teasing is going to push me too far and when that happens, I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

Her smile became playful. “One of these days, I might just push and see if you’ll carry that threat out. Or is it more of a promise?”

I grunted and quickly lifted her back on to the worktop. She squealed, but offered no resistance when I pushed her legs back into their earlier position, leaving her pussy exposed to my whim. I kissed her forcibly, jamming my tongue into her mouth while I strummed her clit with my finger. She gasped into my mouth when I jammed that finger into her gaping slit and moaned and moved her hips forward when I slipped in another and finger fucked her.

I could sense when she got close and pulled my fingers out, making her whimper. Frantically, I pushed by pyjama bottoms down to free the monster within, aimed it at her quivering snatch and thrust home. She gasped again, penetrated this time by something at easily twice the girth and length of what went before, and the arms that she had been leaning back on came up around my neck as she kissed me harder while pushing her crotch towards mine in an attempt to cram even more of my meat inside her.

If I’m honest, the worktop was a little too high and the angles were all wrong meaning I couldn’t quite thrust into her with all the force I wanted—but it didn’t matter. For the first time that I could recall, we were fucking not making love. Fucking for the sake of fucking. Fucking for lust, not love. Fucking simply because we enjoyed it, and not as an expression of how we felt about each other.

It was hot, fast, hard and dirty. Clarissa took one arm from around my neck and used it to prop herself up, giving her the leverage to throw herself back at me. We stopped kissing, and the air filled with the sound of passion—grunts, groans, panting and, to my surprise, Clarissa urging me on with phrases like, “Oh, yeah, fuck me,” and “Harder! Faster! More!”

In the end she shrieked and creamed over my dick moments before I added my own cream to the mix as the beast within bellowed his presence.

Locked in position, we put our foreheads together as we panted for breath. I’d been standing on tip-toes for most of it to get that extra angle I needed, but now I dropped back onto my heels and my cock slipped out of her, letting a torrent of our mutual fluids tumble to the floor.

“Damn,” she said. “That was—” The sound of the front door opening cut her off and we both looked around.

“Only me,” came Christine’s melodic call. “I forgot I’d taken my phone out of my bag to charge it.”

Frozen by fear of discovery, neither of us moved.

“Got it! See you later!” And as the door shut behind her I let out the breath I hadn’t realised I’d been holding in. Clarissa did the same and we both giggled nervously.

“Well, that was fun, Simba,” she said. “Same time tomorrow?” That made me burst out laughing, which in turn set Clarissa off.

It was an interesting start to what would turn out to be a very interesting day.

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