Lucja: A Excerpt from “The Truths We Live”

This excerpt from The Truths We Live comes from Chapter Fourteen. Bobby is filming the second episode of his new Mr Dick series with a Polish porn star called Lucja, who is new to the industry.

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I don’t know if I’ve said this before but even if I have, it’s worth repeating. Lynda Painter is a Genius.

Never has the term Makeup Artist been more appropriate than when applied to the job Lynda does to the young (and not so young) ladies that perform at Jim Lad Productions studios. She made my wife look like a perfect blushing bride. I’ve seen her give Dom every look from virginal schoolgirl to sexy, slutty vamp. She’s made Mel look like an innocent housewife and a high-class hooker.

And she works similar magic on every person that sits in her chair. Hell, she even made me look half-attractive! If Lynda had been working for a Hollywood studio instead of in a warehouse in Westmouth making blue movies, she’d have a shelf full of Oscars.

But the job she’d done on Lucja…

She’d gone for a “natural” look, using subtle shades and blended skin tones to simply enhance her natural beauty rather than transform her into something, or someone, she wasn’t. The colour on her cheeks gave her a healthy glow. Her fine, light blonde hair had been given body in a messy, wavy style that was popular among the millennial celebrities and it bounced around her shoulders as she walked towards us.

She looked… what’s the right word?

Not innocent.

Wholesome. That sounds about right.

She looked like the kind of girl you’d be glad to see your son bring home from university to introduce as his girlfriend. Or the kind of girl you’d be happy to trust your toddlers and pre-teens with if you hired her as an Au Pair.

What she didn’t look like was a porn star about to get fucked on camera.

Which was perfect actually.

This was an audition. At least, that’s how Kat and Jim were viewing it. It was something to go in her portfolio. And it was normal practice not to pay the auditionees. But it didn’t feel right to me to screw someone for the cameras and not pay her for it, so after discussing my idea with Emma and Mel, this would be the first in a new series on my new website called Dick Does….

I wanted to call it Dick Screws… but that got vetoed by Emma. Mel had quite liked it but Emma said it was crass.

Actually, the shoot with Erika would be the first in the series, Lucja would be the second.

The idea was simple, I would have a quick chat with my co-star, get her to undress for me and show me the money, so to speak, then I’d do her. And my co-star didn’t have to be someone who’d been in the business long. Or at all. In fact, if they were new, so much the better. It was perfect for auditionees like Lucja.

And it meant I could pay them.

Which made me feel better about screwing them.

Yes, I know how that sounds. But this was a business. These girls were doing it because they needed the money. So paying them, even for an audition, was, in my mind, the right thing to do.

Anyway, where was I?

Lynda had made Lucja up to look wholesome and not like a porn star at all. Even the way she was dressed was just right for the look. In a mid-thigh-length denim skirt and a plain white summer blouse, she could be headed to the park with her boyfriend rather than to the set of a porn movie.

The only thing wrong with the look was Lucja. She looked just as timid and scared as she had all day. Those brief bright sparks of her real personality that I’d seen were buried deep beneath the surface. And it was my job to bring them out on set.

Even as she approached, flanked by Emma on one side and Kat on the other, her eyes were cast towards the floor, her smile was missing and the impression you got was that she wanted to be anywhere but where was.

“Well then, Mr Dick, are you all set?” Kat asked, deliberately thickening her Russian accent as she mimicked Erika.

I chuckled. “Just waiting for my co-star. Are you ready, Lucja?”

The young Pole flicked her eyes up at me and shrugged. “I ready.”

“You sure? You look beautiful, just perfect, but you don’t sound ready.” Actually, despite the make-over, she really didn’t look ready either, but I wasn’t about to say that lest I shatter her already fragile confidence. “We can postpone, if you like.”

“Don’t listen to him,” Mel said. “He’s the one who wants to postpone.” I shot her a dirty look and she quickly explained, “He’s an old man and he used up all his energy this morning.” She shrugged. “You want him at his best, don’t you.”

Lucja nodded. Then shook her head. Then nodded. “I want make film. I want dojść.

Mel frowned, not understanding the word. I grinned at Lucja. “I’ll try and make you dojść. Maybe see if we can make you dojść twice.”

A hint of a smile formed at the corner of her mouth and she nodded.

“But you’re still… what did you call it? Nerwowy?”

Tak. Little.”

I looked at Mel, then Daisy, then Emma and finally Kat, nodding at each one in turn. Then I addressed everyone, including the cameramen. “Could Lucja and I have the room for a sec. Five minutes, if that. Go and grab a cup of coffee or something.”

Everyone left the set and I invited Lucja to come and sit on the bed on the set. I dragged the chair by the desk (this was supposed to be a student room so there was a study desk beside the bed—which was also useful for fucking on) so I could face her, our knees about a foot apart. Then I rested my hand on my thighs and leant forward slightly. Lucja sat with a straight back, hands in her lap and her head still angled down so that her chin touched her neck.

“Lucja?” I said, quietly. Her eyes flicked up and then back down. “Look at me.”

She lifted her head slightly. Just enough to let her eyes meet mine.

“You don’t have to do this. You do know that? Right?”

“No. I must. I must make sex film.”

“No. There is no must. Not here. Not at my studio. We make sex film because we want to, not because we must.

“No. I want. I want.”



“Why? Why do you want make sex film.

She looked confused. As if no one had ever asked her that before. As if she’d never thought about it before. I knew the answer—I assumed. She was doing this because she needed the money. But there were plenty of other ways for a young woman to make money. Particularly an attractive young woman like Lucja. It was as if someone had told her this was the only way, and she hadn’t even considered questioning it.

It took nearly a full minute, but finally, she answered. “I…” She took a breath, perhaps to calm herself. “I need money. Make sex film is best way. I no good at anything else. I not very… Sprytny. What English word? Er… Smart? Clever?”

I nodded. “But who says it’s the best way? Who says you’re no good at anything else?”

She shrugged. “Jakub.”

“Figures,” I muttered. I took a deep breath. “How did you meet Jakub? How did you make your first sex film with him?”

“He… I not very… I not clever.” She shook her head. “But at school, I not do well. I not pass and leave and have to find job. But I not find job because I not pass. Tak?”

I nodded.

“So Mama send me to Warsaw. She say pretty girl always find work in Warsaw, but only work I find is make sex with man for money. And men that make sex for money are not men I want make sex with. They fat. They smell. They have small kutas. Not like Mr Dick at all.” She smiled, but it faded quickly.

“So I see advert in shop for pretty girl to model. Take photo. That how I meet Jakub. He take photo and pay me. But not much. He say if I want make more, I make sex film with him. But still he not pay much. Then he say if I go England and make sex film, I make more money and he make money too. If I not make sex film, he not make money and he not happy. And then I have to go back to Poland and make sex film with Jakub again.”

“Or you could stay here,” I said. “No one is going to force you to go back. You’re an EU citizen. You have the right to stay here and find work here. You could work in a shop or a restaurant. Or you could go back to school and try again to pass exams and see if you could find a better job.”

“But Jakub—”

“Screw Jakub. Is he here? In England? He doesn’t control you.”

“But I not clever.”

“How can you say you’re not clever when you’re sitting here speaking a foreign language? I can’t speak any other languages?”

She shrugged.

I sighed. “Okay. Okay, how about this. You enjoyed taking the photos with Melanie on Tuesday, right?” She nodded. “So do that. Why not stick to pictures for now?”

“You not want make sex film with me? Not want make me dojść.”

“Yes, of course, I want to make a sex film with you. I want to make you dojść until you forget your own name—”

“So let’s make sex film. What is problem?”

“The problem is… Look, Lucja, sex films work best when the people watching think that the people making them are having a good time. And, frankly, you don’t look like you’re having a good time. Not in the films you made with Jakub and not right now either.”

“I just Nerwowy. I want make sex film. I want make sex film with Mr Dick. I want Mr Dick make Lucja dojść!

“And just want to make sure that is really what you want.”

Tak. Is what I want.” She looked down at her legs and whispered. “I never dojść with man. Only with fingers. You make Erika dojść. You make Lucja dojść as well. Tak?”

I nodded. “Okay. I’ll go and get everyone and we’ll get started. But Lucja, you have all the power, okay. If you want to stop, we stop. If you don’t want to do something, we don’t do it. I want you to enjoy this and I want everyone who sees this to see that you’re enjoying it. Okay?”

She nodded. “Tak.”

“So take a few deep breaths. Get your Nerwowy under control and relax.” I grinned. “I can’t make you dojść if you don’t relax.”


I smiled and held out my hand. “Dick Rodgers,” I said. “But you can call me Dick.” Lucja giggled. “Nice to meet you.”

She looked at my hand. Then back into my eyes. Then at my hand again. Finally, she reached out to take it. “Lucja Szymanski,” she said, with the faintest of smiles. “Nice to meet you too, Mr Dick.” She said this in an attempt at a stereotypical British accent. It almost sounded comical and certainly lightened the mood.

Good start.

“And why are you here today, Lucja Szymanski?”

Both of our cameras were on Lucja rather than me. One trained on her face, the other taking in her whole form.

Her smile grew a little wider. A little brighter.

Rather than leave her alone while I went to fetch the crew, I’d simply sent Emma a text message and then sat next to young Pole on the bed and we’d scrolled through my Twitter feed. I followed mostly fellow adult performers and their fans, so the feed was filled with a lot of naked flesh and a fair amount of what Twitter described as sensitive content.

That had helped Lucja relax enough to allow me to take her picture, sitting demurely on the bed, and send a tweet saying how excited I was about doing her. I started getting replies before everyone arrived back on set and they were all so positive, telling me how lucky I was and how sexy Lucja was, that it put Lucja even more at ease.

“I here to make sex film with Mr Dick,” she said, in her normal Polish accent. “Mr Dick promise make Lucja dojść. What English word you tell me? Come?” I nodded and Lucja smiled a big bright smile. “Mr Dick promise make Lucja come. I never dojść… never come with man before. Only with fingers, so I want Mr Dick make me dojść. Make me come.”

“Well,” I said, “I’ll certainly do my best.” I could see Emma shaking her head and smiling just off set. “Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from?”

“I nineteen and from Poland. From Warsaw.”

“Okay. Good. So… Why don’t we start with you showing us that lovely body of yours? Can you stand, please?”

For the next few minutes, I directed the sexy young woman to undress, first getting her to take off her white blouse and pose in just her bra—which was lacy, white and filled deliciously—and then to slip off her skirt, turning around and bending over as she slid it down her legs, so that I—or more importantly the cameras—had a nice view of her peachy round arse.

I kept the tone of my voice light and littered my patter with an endless stream of compliments. I wanted to boost Lucja’s confidence and figured that given our current relationship that was the best way.

It seemed to work.

When she was bent over she wiggled her arse for the camera and pushed back against my hand when I reached out to caress it—which I only did for the benefit of the camera, obviously. And when I directed her to take her bra off, she did so with a cheeky grin and even shimmied her shoulders to make the girls jiggle.

Of course, I had to reach out and caress her boobs too—for the benefit of the camera. And she had such delightful looking nipples that I just knew the audience would want me to tease them and taste them so, naturally, I did just that too.

As I sucked on one pert breast and gently squeezed the other, flicking the nipple every now and then, Lucja cradled my head in her hands, pulling me closer, tipped her head back and moaned. I saw on the footage later that she’d closed her eyes and had the sensual expression of a woman giving in to her desire on her pretty face.

I quickly glanced across at Emma just off set—she had the same look on her face.

I gently pushed Lucja back, going with her since I didn’t want to let her nipple out of my mouth. But I did let it go once her back hit the bed and kissed my way down her torso instead—along the line of her ribcage. Across her tummy. Past her belly button. I left a trail of tiny, teasing butterfly kisses all the way until I reached her sexy-cute, white and pink candy-striped, lace-edged boy-shorts.

She had lifted her head to watch me and I looked her in the eye and smiled as I took the waistband lace in my teeth and lifted it away from her body.

Actresses in adult films don’t always get aroused when they are filming. Even Mel, who loves sex more than any other woman I know, has told me of times she’d had to use lube on set because the guy she was with just didn’t do it for her.

But Lucja’s arousal hit my senses like a freight train. Pulling her waistband away from her body allowed her scent to flood my world.

Lucja was definitely aroused.

I mean, this girl—no, this woman—was turned on.

I used my hands to peel her panties over her hips and, since she had her legs together, down her legs as far as her knees, at which point her legs dangled over the edge of the bed. I raised her legs to vertical to remove her knickers completely, then lowered and opened her legs so that I was between them and pulled her towards me until her bum was on the edge of the bed.

Some women’s vulva are like beautiful flowers in bloom, their petals open and welcoming. Some are less aesthetically pleasing, although they usually work just fine and that’s what counts. As I settled into a comfortable position from which to work on making Lucja dojść, I found myself faced with the prettiest little pussy I’d seen since I started my new career. Her hairless outer labia were puffy and smooth and curved in to meet her paper-thin inner lips which were parted ever so slightly and glistening with moisture.

I stared at it, transfixed, for a few moments. I sensed one of the cameramen behind me getting a good shot of it too. But Lucja was getting impatient—as evidenced by the way she wiggled her hips on the bed.

I ran my index finger down her slit—parting those thin lips a little more—from top to bottom then back up again to rub the small protrusion at the top behind which her clit was still hidden. That made her wriggle her hips some more.

On the next trip down, I applied more pressure with my finger, searching for the entrance to her nirvana. When I reached it, my finger slipped in just to the first knuckle and I had to apply more pressure to force it in further.

But force it in further I did—up the second knuckle and then all the way to third. I twisted it inside her, one way then the other, before pulling it out slowly. Her pretty pussy lips, no longer delicate and pink but thickened and darkened by her growing arousal, stretched to grip the invading digit as it withdrew.

She was tight. Tighter even than Amber, who I had trouble getting my cock inside at the best of times. But my retreating finger was slick and shiny, coated by ample lubricant. I doubted it was all natural. I suspected she’d prepared herself before coming on set—Mel had told me many actresses did this—and that may not have been a bad idea given what was to come.

But artificial lube is no substitute for the real thing. Not for me and not for Lucja. I wanted to make sure she was properly prepared. She’d need to be if I was going to make her dojść.

For the twenty minutes, I put our audience, and the cameramen hovering around us, out of my mind and set about making sure Lucja was properly prepared. I teased her with my tongue and fingers. I kissed her pussy as if it was her mouth, covering it completely and slipping my tongue inside. I fucked her with one finger, then two and, as she loosened and stretched, I was ultimately able to get three fingers inside her.

She was quiet to being with. Then started to moan softly. Her moans got louder and mixed with groans and whimpers as I kept on teasing. Her rate of breathing increased, her breasts rising and falling higher and faster. Her hips moved more and more. And she muttered in Polish, her words meaningless to me save for one—dojść.

She didn’t dojść. Not yet, anyway. I didn’t let her. Instead, I kept her on the edge, pulling her back whenever she got too close. I wanted her to dojść on my cock, not my fingers.

Ideally, we’d dojść together. The climax to this film would be Lucja in the throes of dojść, my money shot just an added bonus.

So, I teased her with my tongue. I fucked her with fingers. I mounted her in as many positions as I could conceive, all on the journey to Lucja’s ultimate destination.

And when we got there, over an hour after we began, it was spectacular.