I couldn’t think of a catchy title so this is just a Quick Update

Why couldn’t I think of a catchy title? Probably because all my ‘creative energies’ are currently directed to getting A Tortured Soul finished. The manuscript is currently 75K words long across 18 chapters, although I haven’t quite finished chapter 18 yet.

I’m writing at a fairly decent pace of a chapter (about 4000 words on average) a week – which given I’m also holding down a pretty stressful full time job and being a loving and dutiful husband and father, isn’t too bad. Especially when you take into consideration that my little girl is teething and so I’m not getting all that much sleep as I wander around the house in my bare feet trying to get her to stop crying.

I think, I’ve got another 5-10 chapters to go, about 25,000 to 45,000 words. Or, to put it another way, Paul has to hit one more low before he can reach his destination for this book, thereby setting up the love story that will be book three.

How long might that take? I wouldn’t want to guess. And besides, after I type “To be continued” (as opposed to “The End”), I’ll have to set the thing aside for a while before I edit it. So I’m not making any predictions about a release date.

I just didn’t want you to think I was slacking off or anything.

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