I know what his problem is

I saw Gordon Brown’s interview on the Andrew Marr show yesterday and I’ve worked out just what his problem is. Actually, it’s not that big a secret – a lot of people have been saying it about him for a long time. His problem? He’s so damn dull. I mean, seriously, I wanted to watch his interview. I wanted to hear what he had to say. But about half way through I got so bored I decided to go and have a shit instead.

I mean, what chance has any bloke got when people will rather sit on the loo and strain out a few floaters than listen to him speak.

I guess part of the problem is that he’s following Tony Blair, who was a superb speaker. He had charm. He had style. I didn’t agree with 90% of the things he said or did, but nevertheless I could listen to him speak without losing the will to live. He had passion (in his voice, at least) and it was easy to believe that he meant what he said. He’s like Barrack Obama in that respect – agree with them or not, when they speak, you listen.

John Major had a similar problem in following Thatcher. That poor man is destined to go down as the PM between the Iron Lady and Phoney Tony, and yet he was in power for 7 years and won an election when everyone believed it was impossible.

But somehow, I can’t see Gordon being quite so lucky. I can’t see him pulling a dramatic election victory out of the bag. You see, John Major had that ‘honest bloke down the pub’ feel to him. He came across as the sort of chap one could sit and have a pint with and put the world to rights. Whereas, I can’t see myself having a pint with Gordon. Not unless he wanted it thrown over him at any rate.

Shame we’ve probably got to put with him for another 18 months by the looks of it.

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