It Seems More Real Now

Yesterday I received a copy of the cover that will adorn Eternally & Evermore on its release this summer. In fact, I also found out that the release itself is scheduled for August 9th. As you can see, the cover is, in a word, gorgeous.

Four e-books and I don’t know how many shorts at Ruthie’s in and the first sight of the cover of a new release (or story illustration in the case of Ruthie’s) still gives me a huge thrill. It makes the fact that your work is going to hit the e-shelves seem more real. It’s as if it’s the culmination of all the time you spent working on it. And so it’s also a bit scary. What if the cover’s no good? What if the artist didn’t ‘get’ what you told them? What if the cover models are just not… right?

I’ve been fortunate. I think there was only one illustration at Ruthie’s where I thought, “He’s got that wrong.” And it wasn’t as if it was a bad illustration – it wasn’t, it was very good –  he just had the wrong characters fucking in the wrong places. Admittedly, there were three couples fucking in that illustration, so we can let it slide. And it was still a great piece of artwork.

And I’ve loved, loved, loved all my Phaze book covers. Kissed by a Rose was so simple and elegant and it was that very simplicity that made it sexy as hell. Lost & Found brought together all of that story’s important elements and the girl on the cover of Charlotte’s Secret was just how I imagined Charlotte when writing the book.

But let’s talk about this new cover. I love it’s brightness and vibrancy. I think it really stands out. It doesn’t use the “Scriptina” font that I use on my website and is on the other book covers, but that’s okay. I think the font used for the title here looks much better than it would in “Scriptina.” I’ve had it on my website for a while now and it just looks… odd. It’s not a title that lends itself to that font. And I also think font used for my name (which I recognise but can’t think what it’s called) is very clear and bold. I like it.

The female model on the cover is just right and I adore her expression and the way she’s just touching his chin. He looks like the dominant one because he’s higher up than she is, but is she pulling him towards her or trying to keep him at bay? We can’t see if her eyes are the right shade of blue because they’re closed, but in my mind they are, so that’s okay.

I’ll be honest and say I’m sure about the male model being ‘right’ for Will. Will’s a professional and I don’t think he’d be that unshaven, regardless of how sexy stubble is (unless it’s on me – then I just look a mess). I also have always pictured him in a suit and tie. But I can live with it because, to be honest, I’m not actually looking at him – my eyes are drawn to her. And to those cliffs. What’s the significance of the cliffs? Oh, they are very, very significant. As are those rocks at the base. But you’ll have to read the book to find out why. Won’t you?

So, what do you think of the cover?


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