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I put out this tweet earlier today: 

You should be able to tell from the embedded Twitter feed widget in my sidebar that I’m far more active on that platform than I am on this blog. I’m far more active on there than I am on Facebook too. 

My last post here was August last year, following the utter cock-up that the government made of the A-level results. My intention in starting this blog wasn’t really to spend all my time having a go at the failing government—which is good because that be a full-time job such are their failures—but instead, it was supposed to be a place to express the thoughts, questions & ideas that swim around in my noggin at a bit more length than Twitter allows. 

I explained, or tried to, some of this in one of the first posts on this blog.

The problem, of course, is finding the time to do this. Sitting down and knocking out a couple of hundred words isn’t exactly difficult but knocking out a couple of hundred words that make a coherent argument that people will want to read takes time and energy and, as I’m sure you all are very much aware of yourselves, the past twelve months have been extremely difficult and energy-sapping. 

Truth be told, I’ve not really wanted to sit and write about the state of things—the world, the football, telly. Anything. 

And besides, it’s far easier to put out a tweet or two since your phone is in your hand and it’s only a couple of dozen words at most. 

But I do think I need, for my own mental well-being, to try and get some of these thoughts, ideas, questions and worries out of my head and somewhere that other people can read and respond to. Even if no one actually does read and respond to anything I write, it’s good for the soul to get those words out there and know that people could read them. 

If they wanted to.

Which they probably won’t.

So, I’m making a commitment to myself to try and put the effort in. To put some time aside each week, maybe even each day, to do some blogging.


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