So Close I Can Taste It

I’m so, so close to finishing off the first draft of A Tortured Soul. So damn close. I have, quite literally, just one more scene to write. Okay, so it’s a type of scene I’ve not attempted to write before – it’s a ‘first time’ anal sex scene – but that really shouldn’t matter. After all, I’ve done my research.

No, not that kind of research! Get your minds out of the gutters you filthy people.

Seriously though, I’m having one of those really frustrating periods where I know exactly what I want to write – hell, I’ve played the scene over in my head a dozen times, each time adding to it and making it richer in detail – but I can’t seem to find the time to actually sit at a keyboard and write it out.

The sooner they come up with a way to translate thoughts and/or dreams into the written word can’t come soon enough. Why can’t boffins work on this type of thing instead of inventing the butter-stick? (No. 6 on that list. Really?)

That said, it’s my own fault. I’m too easily distracted by stupid social media, aggregator websites, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and boobs.

Yes, boobs. They are very distracting.


I’m aiming to get this first draft done and dusted this week. Then I can set the manuscript aside and I’ve got a short story I want to write to “clear my head” of it before coming back to give it a really good edit.

And you know what, we might actually be aiming for a release date of the end of April. Won’t that be cool? I’m starting to get excited.


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