Stats Overload

Last month I paid out some of my hard earned to move my website from the free hosting space my home ISP provides to a paid-for host, along with a new domain ( instead of .com). One of my reasons for doing this was to get a better idea of who is visiting my site and what they are looking at.

Previously I relied on Google Analytics, which is okay I suppose, and a very simple hit counter which just ticked over by one with each page view. But the new hosts provides three different sets of stats, all good in their own way, which have given me much more detailed information.

So, for the month of January so far, has had over three hundred visits, averaging out at about 18 a day, and those visitors have viewed over 700 pages, just under 40 a day. This is nothing more than Google would have told me and isn’t really a significant change from the past year or so, but here’s where the more detailed info comes in…

The most popular day to look at my site has been Tuesday, closely followed by Wednesday. Thursday is the least popular. The most popular time for visiting the site is 2pm UK time, which is odd, closely followed by 3am, which is even odder. Until you remember that the visitors are coming from all over the world, that is.

Most of my visits have come from, get this, Russia, followed by the US, UK and then Germany someway behind but ahead of Australia and China (which must mean that Marc Nobbs gets through the ‘great firewall’).

But, more importantly, I now know that my most popular pages are the Free Stories page and the e-Books page. Which I should really have expected and isn’t that big a surprise. But at least it confirms that it was worth including the free stories on the site. The most popular free stories this month so far have been Measuring Up, Would Twins Do This? and Divine Interviewwhich I wrote with my friend from across the pond Cassie Exline.

Finally, here are some of the more interesting phrases that people have searched that have lead them to my site – “Twins Snogging”, “do boys have their cocks measured?”, “Nave blue knickers sexstories”, “his cock was enormous twice the size of mine”, “panty worship uk”.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about that. lol


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