A Tortured Soul–The First 10 Chapter Titles

Okay, as promised yesterday, here’s something a little bit different. Today, I’m posting the titles of the first ten of the twenty-nine chapters of A Tortured Soul. Make of them what you will.

  • Chapter 1 : Home
  • Chapter 2 : How Could You?
  • Chapter 3: Nothing to Lose
  • Chapter 4 : Best Friends
  • Chapter 5 : Lisa
  • Chapter 6 : Wintersmith
  • Chapter 7 : Neighbours & Friends
  • Chapter 8 : Amanda
  • Chapter 9 : A Fresh Start
  • Chapter 10 : Routine

So, what do you make of that? Does it tell you anything about the story? Any clues as to what might lie in store for our hero, Paul? No? Never mind. Guess you’ll just have to wait until 5th May.

That link on chapter 8 by the way takes you to a short, but sexy, excerpt from that chapter. Not the whole chapter, just an excerpt.

A Tortured Soul is released on 5th May and you can pre-order it on Smashwords right now.

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