Ghosts of the Past

It’s an odd thing, but for the past few weeks I’ve seen several people around who have been the spitting image of an ex-girlfriend of mine. And, frankly, it’s freaking me out a little bit.

The ex-girlfriend in question I met at university and we were ‘together’ for most of our time in Aber. We even went on a pretty special holiday to Disney World together. We had planned to get married and live happily ever after, but our career paths kept us apart for a year during which time she started sleeping with a so-called ‘friend’ of mine (who was going to be my best man) and I met the future Mrs Nobbs.

I guess that that particular relationship was never meant to be when all said and done. And I have no regrets over it. Had I not met Mrs Nobbs I would not be where I am now and I certainly would have my very special little boy.

Speaking of my little boy, Jr fell asleep in my arms last night and I must have spent half an hour just staring at him while he slept. I love being a Dad.

I digress. Back on topic…

Over the past few weeks, in several different locations, I’ve seen women who have reminded me of my ex. They’ve all had her lush black hair and her cute little nose. It’s one of those slightly pointy, slightly upturned noses. Always puts me in mind of a fox for some reason – but certainly cute.

There was the woman who stopped next to me at the traffic lights. The one in Sainsbury’s. And that one walking on the other side of the street.

I seriously doubt any of them were her – the last I heard she was living over a hundred miles from here. But the resemblance was uncanny.

The last one was in McDonald’s. And this one was the closest to her in terms of looks yet. And the way she was looking at me made me think it might even be her. Although, she was probably looking at me oddly because I was staring at her. But I was so convinced it was her that I was actually going to steel myself and ask if it was her.

Then I heard her place her order and she spoke with a thick Eastern European accent rather than a sweet Welsh one. So it definitely wasn’t her.

Still, Ghosts of girlfriends past or what?

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