An Interview with Laura Smith #KbaR

Hi, I’m Carrie Jones, senior entertainment correspondent with the BBC and in the run up to the release of the novel Kissed by a Rose by British author Marc Nobbs, I’ll be interviewing some of the characters from the book – culminating with a interview with the one and only Chloe Goodman herself on release day. I’d like to thank Mr Nobbs for kindly donating his blog for these interviews. Let’s meet my first guest.

Why don’t you introduce yourself?

Because if I didn’t no-one would know who I was, silly.

No, that’s not what I meant. Just, introduce yourself. Please.

Okay. I’m Laura Smith.

And you’re Adam’s little sister?

No. Adam’s my big brother.

Okay. Erm, well, why don’t… I mean, tell me about your role in the novel.

Oh, that, well, obviously, if it wasn’t for me there wouldn’t even be a novel. Would there?

There wouldn’t? Why not?

Because. Look, right at the start, on the first page even, I tell Adam about Chloe going to university with him. He wouldn’t know if didn’t tell him.

It think he might—

And, I suggested to him that he should try and get Chloe as his girlfriend, didn’t I? So, like, if I hadn’t suggested it, he wouldn’t have been thinking about it and they never would have got together, would they?

I don’t think we ought to be giving away the plot before the book is released, should we?

Who’s giving the plot away? I mean, if they didn’t get together, why would they say the book is about them? It’s pretty obvious when you think about it. Besides, that’s not the point of the plot is it? The point of the plot is when—

Like I said, we shouldn’t really give anything away. Let’s move on. Do you just appear at the start?

Oh, no. I’m in it later on when Chloe has to—

Don’t give the plot away!

Oh, right sorry. Yeah, well, I’m in it later and I get to meet Chloe. Can you believe it? I get to meet Chloe Goodman. Me! My friends didn’t believe me, but I got a picture on my phone. Do you want it see it?

There’s no need. Really.

No, it’s okay. Here it is look. Isn’t that cool? Me and Chloe. She’s awesome. She really is. And now she and Adam are going—


Oh, right. Sorry.

Tell me about your brother.

Adam? All right. He’s, like, well, he’s Adam. He’s annoying, but he’s my brother so he’s supposed to be annoying—that’s what brothers are for isn’t it? But I suppose, he’s like, not bad, as big brothers go. No, he’s all right, really.

Okay, great. Well, thank you for your time Laura.

No probs.

I’d like to say it’s been a pleasure, but…


Nothing. That’s all for today. Next time, we’ll be talking to Chloe’s good friend, French fashion designer Jacques Surmount. Until then, I’ve been Carries Jones. Goodnight.

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