Situation update

I’ve been off work since Thursday. Northing serious –  I haven’t been ill or anything. I actually took Thursday and Friday off to work on the allotment, but ended up looking after Jr who’s the one that’s been under the weather. Same again today. He’s better now, so he’ll be back to nursery, I’ll be back to work and the allotment will still need a whole lot of work doing on it.

From looking at my Twitter stream archive you’d think I’d been sitting at the computer for five days and got lots of writing done. Not so. I’ve been over the proofs for Kissed by a Rose, red a couple of stories by other writers and played with Jr even more.

So why all the tweets? Well, the thing is, Twitter is quick and easy and hellishly addictive. On Sunday, I was tweeting while I cooked lunch (Roast Beef with All the Trimmings). I was playing some music on my laptop, opened Twhirl and away we go.

Bloody Twitter. It’s the sort of thing that takes only a few seconds and lets you get on with your life, but I bet if I added up all the time I’ve spent reading and tweeting over this weekend it’d be… Well, a lot. A very lot.

I have started work on the second Kissed by a Rose cast interview and written another chapter of my WIP (although I’m not really very happy with it and might go back and re-write). Hopefully, I can finish the interview and get it posted tomorrow.


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