Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Last Thursday I planned out the next scene of my WIP in my head. It’s the one where the Hero, Paul, professes his love for the heroine, Clarissa. I did it as I was falling asleep and it’s very vivid in my head. I know what he’s going to say, how he’s going to say it and what her reaction is.

Trouble is, it’s still, fully formed, in my head. Every time I’ve sat down to type it out, I’ve been interrupted (okay, maybe distracted is a better word. I’d hardly call qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix an interruption.)

Thankfully, the scene is still in my head – it hasn’t evaporated into the ether – which is good. It’s also good that other, later scenes are still forming themselves in my head.

So, I’ll just have to live with it for now. Hopefully I can get it typed out today and move on.


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