Release Date Confirmed

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. Work has picked up for one thing—which always makes it difficult to find the time to post to the blog. But putting that aside, I’ve been spending every spare moment I’ve had working on two things.

A Note About Word Counts

And as a hobby, the stuff ‘around’ the actual writing is something I find interesting just as much as the writing itself. And one of those things is word counts. At heart, I’m a stat hound. I love numbers, that’s why I work with them day in and day out. And, to me at least, and don’t hate me for this, there are few things quite as satisfying as a well-formatted, informative spreadsheet.

Holiday Time Proves Productive

I’ve been on holiday this week. I’ve come with my family to a truly lovely part of the world, Pembrokeshire in South Wales. We’re staying in a lovely little cottage on a working Small Holding (a very small farm) and it’s been a very pleasant week so far. Unfortunately, all good things have to end and we have just one day left before we drive home on Friday.

Finding the Balance

I know I’ve been relatively quiet on twitter and Facebook these past few years but that’s primarily because I’ve been tweeting under my legal identity. Writing about the appalling state of politics in the world doesn’t feel appropriate on my author site or accounts, even though it’s something I did regularly in the past.

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