It’s really quite daunting sitting down to write a blog post after having not posted one for such a long time. How does one start it? Do you apologise for your prolonged period of inactivity? And just what the hell do you write about anyway?

It’s fair to say that I’m somewhat out of practice when it comes to blogging. And as much as I know that it’s something I should be doing and what all the benefits are for a writer, I have to admit it’s something I’ve lost my enthusiasm for.

But I want to get that enthusiasm back and the only way to do that is to jump back in and get blogging again.

I know that.

But acting on it… That’s a different matter.

It’s not like I haven’t been writing of late. I have. Okay, so work on my WIPs is progression far too slowly, but it is progressing. And I’ve written articles for the newsletter at work and for the Firm’s website too.

So I have been writing. Just… You know.

Looking back over my three blogs, it’s clear that I have a platform that really should work. There is my ‘main’ website, marcnobbs.co.uk, which is supposed to be for keeping readers up to date on my upcoming releases, things I’m working on and teasers, excerpts and promotional posts. Then there’s The Grumpy Blog. Its purpose is to allow me to write on any topic, including what’s in the news. From Across the Pond was supposed to be something of a review blog, but that never really panned out properly. I find it very difficult to review other people’s work because I think I’m quite a harsh critic, and I don’t really like being harsh – not a good combination.

And on top of that, I have a Facebook page, twitter account and Tumblr blog to push these posts to in the hope someone will click through and read what I’ve written.

So the platform is there, and I really do want to get back to this blogging, so now I just have to put the effort in make the most of it.

Starting this week.



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