Disturbing? That’s not a strong enough word

I’ve taken a couple of days to reflect on this case before writing about it for the simple reason that I didn’t want this to be a reactionary piece. To summarise what has gone on here, the man who caused the horrific death of an 18 month old boy two years ago has now been convicted of the rape of a two year old girl at around the same time.

The boy, originally called “Baby P” by the press but in the most recent trial was referred to by his actual name, Peter, died with the most horrific injuries imaginable, including a broken spine if you can believe it. He was the son of the convicted man’s girlfriend. Okay, that a convoluted way of saying it but the it’s the only way I have since the man’s identity is being protected – the courts say it’s to protect the identity of the little girl involved but you can’t help think they are also worried about what might happen to this man once he gets to prison – they don’t take kindly to child rapists in jail.

There are so many disturbing elements here that I don’t even know where to being. The way little Peter was treated was bad enough – and by his own mother and her boyfriend too. But then to also have raped a two year old girl…? To be honest, I can’t even conceive of how this is physically possible given the difference in size between a fully grown man and a two year old. I’m tempted to say “as a parent” somewhere here, but just as a normal human being this makes my blood boil, let alone as a parent.

Then we move on. If it wasn’t bad enough raping this girl, he then denied it, leading to her being made into the youngest person ever to testify at the Old Bailey. I mean, come on. This girl is currently just a few months older than my son and I couldn’t see him in a court room answering questions put to him by men in wigs. He’d be asking for chocolate all the time and telling them about Whinne the Pooh and Lightening McQueen. For this man to make a child go through this is just as bad as what he did to her in the first place.

But what on Earth possessed the authorities to put her through this? Was there not some other way to prove their case? Could they not have waited a few years until she was older? I mean, he’s already going to jail for what he did to Baby Peter, so it’s not like they wouldn’t know where to find him.

And that’s not even to mention the so-called “Child Protection” Services” who have done anything but in this case.

I think that jail is probably too good for this man. In the middle ages they would have strung him up by his cock and let the birds peck off his flesh. That somehow seems a more fitting tribute. Or perhaps they could give every father in the country twenty minutes in a locked room with him to drum into him how to small children. I for one, would have a lesson or two for him – although I might get locked up myself for it afterwards.


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