The First Leaders Debate

I’ve just finished watching the first ever political leaders election debate on ITV. There’s two more left, one on Sky and one on the BBC. I thought I give you my thoughts. Not on the debate, but on the Twitter fall that went with it.

First off, Damn! So many tweets it was impossible to keep up. And I mean impossible. Apparently there were almost 30 tweets per second carrying the #leadersdebate hashtag. That’s a lot. Nearly 200,000 over the 90 minute debate. Picking your way through that lot was hard.

But I managed.

What struck me the most was way that those tweeters carrying a ‘twibbon’ on their avatar of one of the parties all seemed to think that their leader came out on top. No surprise there then. And they all seemed to think that the one they see as their main rival did badly. No surprise there then either.

It was interesting to see LibDem leader Nick Clegg was the leader featuring highest in the twitter trending topics. It was also interesting to see “I agree with Nick” as a trending topic – not because everyone on twitter did agree with Nick, but because Gordon said the phrase a number of times.

All good interesting stuff. Anyway, time for #bbcqt now.

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