“Duke”, “Lizzie” and the Moonwalking Corgis

“Eh? What on earth could that be all about, then?” I hear you ask. Or maybe I don’t. Maybe it’s just the voices in my head brought on by the drugs I’m having to take to clear this damn blocked nose of mine – not that they are working. I’m having real difficulty with that whole breathe in/breath out thing.

Anyways, last night while I was not working on my WIPs (it was open on my screen but I was too busy pissing about on titter) I was pissing about on twitter instead and somehow got into a conversation which started off about one thing and quickly became something else.

We started off wondering what Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Windsor call each other when they are at home and decided it would be “Duke” and “Lizzie”. Then we decided that “Lizzie” wouldn’t make the tea as she’s the Queen and “Duke” wouldn’t make it because he’s an old misogynist. So naturally, they’d ask “Charlie” but he’d say it was “Eddie’s” turn.

From there, we decided that the tea making duties at “Buck House” would probably fall to Harry as he’s the youngest, but they’d let him off as he’s brought his machine gun home from work and is using it to take pot shots at the corgis.

The corgis, meanwhile, are dancing to avoid the bullets, and in doing so have learned to “moonwalk” like Marty McFly did in Back to the Future III when “Mad Dog Tanner” shot at him in the bar.

So there you go, “Duke”, “Lizzie” and Moonwalking Corgis. You know, I think there is a late-night Channel 4 sitcom in there somewhere.

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