To Open a Chapter

A short time ago, I sent a twitter tweet asking, “Is there a better way to open a chapter than with a dream about hot sex.” I suppose I should have expected all the replies I got which read “Actual how sex”, but in any case, here’s what I wrote. This opens chapter 23 of one of my WIPs

“Oh, Yes!” Amy cried. She sat upright, rested her hands on his chest and she ground her pelvis against his. “Yes! Damn, that’s good.”

You’ll get no arguments from me, Will thought. He would have told her, but wasn’t sure he had complete control of his vocal cords. Amy certainly had learned how to make a man feel good in the twenty years they’d been apart.

“Ohmyfuckinggod! Oh, William!”

She was much more vocal than Will remembered too.

“Damn, John’s never fucked me this good. I’m going to come, William. You’re going to make me come!”

Me? You’re the one doing all the work.

The bedroom door flew open and Amy’s husband burst through. Amy screamed and jumped up. Will’s cock plopped out of her and slapped against his belly. He sat bolt up-right and felt John’s fist hit his face before he saw it.

Then the room was dark. Will was alone in his bed. He’d kicked the covers off in his sleep and he’s body glistened with sweat. He lay and stared at the ceiling, breathing heavily. His pyjama shorts were sticky. At thirty-eight, he thought he was too old for wet dreams. Apparently not. But although the wet dreams of his youth also featured Amy, none of them ended the way the past few had. Four nights in a row he’d dreamt of Amy. Four nights in a row he’d fucked her to the point of orgasm. And four nights in a row he’d woken at an ungodly hour when John Nugent had interrupted their coupling.

It had to stop.

So, is that a descent opening to a chapter or not?

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