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We talked about the season we’d had and the professional season that was coming to an end. We talked about the World Cup that summer and England’s chances of winning it (which weren’t good—like usual). That got us talking about the England WAGs—which one was the hottest and which ones we wouldn’t bang in a million years.

The general consensus was that we’d bang pretty much all of them.

Then our goalkeeper, Big Nev (appropriate in more than one sense) said, “Hey, Billy, when we gonna get to bang Jenny again? It’s been a while.”

“I don’t know, Nev. We’ve both been busy, you know.”

“Does he mean what it sounds like he means?” I asked.

“Pretty much,” said Billy. “Jenny and I have what you’d call an open marriage. Basically, she’s hot to trot and I’m not embarrassed to say I can’t keep up with her on my own. I’m not as young as I used to be. So the guys here all help out from time to time.

Banging my Teammates Cover

“And you’re okay with that?” I asked, shocked by the idea of a man letting other men fuck his wife. Or did his wife fuck other men? Was there even a difference?

“Why wouldn’t I be, man? It saves me from an early grave. And as much fun as death by fucking might sound, I really don’t want to find out—know what I mean?” He nudged his elbow in my side and laughed out loud at his own joke. “Mind you, there are other benefits. I mean, Jenny can’t exactly complain if I dip my wick in some other bird when she’s choking down some other bloke’s cock, now can she?”

“So you mean you get to fuck around on her?”

“Not behind her back or nothing like that. Well, not usually. Look, put it this way, all the guys on the team have had a crack at my Jenny. All except you that is—and that’s just down to opportunity, you understand, nothing against you personally.

“And in return, I’ve had a crack at all their other halves. Fair is fair, like. Right? Some of them I’ve had to, you know, seduce ‘em. Put the moves on ‘em, you know? But not all. Hell, Alyson’s still here, isn’t she Jack?”

Jack nodded and said, “Sure is.”

“Well, she’s almost as big a slut as my Jenny.”

“That she is. Only… I can keep up with her better than you can keep up with your missus.” We all laughed at that, even Billy.

“Hey,” said Big Nev, “Since two of the team sluts are both here, why don’t you set something up now? Go and get ‘em, Billy. You know Jenny will be up for it. She always is. And I bet Alyson will too. It’s been fucking ages since we last gangbanged her. Not since last season, isn’t it?”

Jack and Billy looked at each other and Billy raised his eyebrows. It looked to me like they were actually considering it.

“What? Here?” I said.

“Sure,” said Big Nev. “You don’t mind, do you? I mean, you’re due a crack at her crack. No time like the present, right?”

“But… But… What about Lizzie?”

“She can join in if she wants,” said Billy. “The guys won’t mind. Will you?”

There was a chorus of “No’s” as I shook my head and tried to say that wasn’t what I meant. I wasn’t worried that Lizzie would ever consider fucking another guy, let alone a whole gang of them, but I was worried she’d go mad if the guys started fucking Jenny, and probably Alyson too by the sound of it, on our lounge carpet. We’d only just had it fitted. It wasn’t even two months old!

On the other hand, my cock was getting hard at the thought of watching Jenny and Alyson getting fucked and maybe, just maybe, fucking them myself. I mean, they were both hot. And if they really had fucked all the other guys on the team, then damn it, I didn’t see why I should be the odd man out.

Billy left the lounge and headed for the kitchen only to return under a minute later with a giggling, tipsy Jenny in tow. There was a silly grin on her face and her eyes were twinkling. This was a woman who wanted to have some fun, that much was clear.

Billy grabbed a couple of cushions from the sofa and threw them on the floor while Jenny pulled her top up over her head, then pushed her skirt down and stepped out of it. She stood in the centre of the room, posing for the guys with her hands on her hips and one leg slightly bent. She had a body that wet dreams were made of—the body of a porn-star, you might say. Long bottle blonde hair framed a face with prominent cheek-bones and full, pouty lips. Her large tits threatened to bust out of her bra and her legs looked great in black hold up stockings and black high heels. Her hips were wide and her waist narrow. And her skimpy lace panties left almost nothing to the imagination—I mean, it was certainly clear she kept the lady-garden neatly trimmed.

With a seductive smile she removed her bra and dropped it on top of the pile of her other clothes. Then she looked directly at me, winked, and bent to remove her panties. After stepping out of them and adding them to the pile of discarded clothes, she stood up straight, posed again and said, “Well, boys, who’s first?”

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