If all goes to plan, this is the schedule for postings on my Patreon site and on my website behind the Patreon wall.

That means that by December 11th, I’ll have posted up to chapter 26 of Kissed by a Rose, up to draft chapter 12 of “A Wounded Heart” and up to draft chapter 3 of “The Big Ten Ohhh!”

I will also look to post some of the Westmouthshire short stories, probably starting with the Ladz series, on Wednesdays, but that’s not confirmed yet.

In terms of if this is helping to motivate me to write, well, I finished chapter 17 last week and have made a good start of chapter 18 of “A Wounded Heart”.

I’ve also continued to work on my character database as I review “A Good Man” ahead of an update release, which will include a new cover. I’m now up to a total of 183 separate characters having gone through everything except the 2nd half of “A Good Man”, all of “A Tortured Soul” and “A Wounded Heart” and “Kissed by a Rose”. So, yes, that 183 includes all the porn stars that Bobby encounters in “The Truths We Live”. But it doesn’t include any of the people that Paul meets at university, and there are a lot of those.

As it stands, the book with the most characters in it that I’ve reviewed so far is “The Truths We Live” with a count of 41. A Good Man has 40.

And the characters with the highest number of appearances are Will, from “Eternally & Evermore” and Chloe from “Kissed by a Rose”, who are both in six books.

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