Westmouthshire Universe Patreon Launched

The Westmouthshire Universe grew out of the first novel I had published by Phaze back in 2008, Kissed by a Rose. I had intended to set this novel in the same town I went to university in, Aberystwyth, but I quickly realised that my recollection of the town’s features was not only hazy, but also very much out of date. Not only that, but Aber wasn’t really a big enough town for the story I wanted to tell.

So, instead, I created Westmouth. And with my second novel, Eternally & Evermore, the setting expanded beyond the town of Westmouth to a second town in the county, Walminster, and so the Westmouthshire Universe was born.

Having my own county to set my works in means I don’t have to get the details of real places correct – only the details of the real places in my imagination. If I need a new pub – I just create one. Need a new industrial or housing development, poof, it’s there.

Of course, that does mean I have to keep track of where places are and what they look like, but… You can’t have everything.

There are currently six full-length novels set in the W.U. and a further four novella-length pieces and sixteen short stories. I’m actively working on three separate novels and a couple of short stories (and have been for some time) and I have plans for lots more – if I can ever find the time to get writing in any meaningful way.

So, why the Patreon? Think of it as motivation to get writing in a meaningful way. My intention is to release one chapter from the pieces I’m working on each weekend. Right now I have about twenty chapters I can release, so that should keep me going until 2022 and all I need to do then is stay ahead of this by writing one or two chapters a week. Not too much pressure, but hopefully enough motivation.

It also means that those fans of my current books—particularly those people who keep asking when the third and final Paul Robertson book will be out—can stay up to date with the goings in Westmouth now rather than wait for the novel to, you know, actually be finished and published.

I also plan to post updates, tasteful erotic photos from around the web that inspire me, polls, and general topics of discussion. I’ll also post any blog posts here the day before they go live on my website.

So, Welcome to Westy! Happy to see you here. Pull up a chair, pick up your reading glasses and let’s have some fun, shall we? Please do feel free to comment on any posts and to make use of the Discord server – I’ve got that app on my phone now so I’ll always try to respond whenever I can.

Join my patreon

From the start of September 2021, I’ll be posting new chapters from two novels I’m currently working on, each weekend. the only way to read them is by joining my Patreon.

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